Choosing Cash Register Software Without Fear; the POSsibilities are Endless

As any fan of the award-winning drama series (and critics’ favorite) Homeland knows well, to find the right information one has to know where to look. The same goes for cash register software. Just as old nemeses and new plot twists confront POW-turned-Congressman Nick Brody and CIA officer Carrie Mathison, old and new POS systems vie for businesses’ attention in an effort to bridge the digital divide between the cash register software of yore and today’s intuitive postmodern designs. This can make choosing the right cash register software especially daunting for those who don’t know where to start. Luckily, AccuPOS has all of the essentials to fit a variety of businesses.

The need for speed

Did Homeland’s protagonist wait until she was released from the psych ward to go after a potential terrorist target? No. And businesses and their clients should not have to endure sluggish cash register software to make it through the checkout queue. AccuPOS has developed cash register software that works in tandem with the most advanced hardware currently on the market, whether wireless inventory scanners, integrated scales, in-counter scanner/scale combinations, remote printers for prep areas, POS thermal receipt printers, POS credit card swipers, paperless signature pads, touch-screen monitors, customer pole displays, or cash drawers.

Security is paramount

One principal task of CIA officers is to collect reliable information (hence “intelligence”) as a means to deterring threats to security. Merchants looking for efficient and affordable cash register software can’t afford to be lax on security measures either. This is where PCI compliance comes in. Any business that accepts credit cards is required to follow these compliancy laws, and AccuPOS acts a liaison between businesses and credit card processors, ensuring encryption and safeguarding of cardholder information.

Businesses searching for the right cash register software can avoid pitfalls by taking the following precautions:

  • Seeking out cash register software bundles that fit their exact budgets and needs to a “T.”
  • Ensuring that their software speeds up the customer service process and comes engineered to work with the most optimal hardware.
  • Finding intuitive cash register software that is easy to learn and master for any user.
  • Using a program that provides tracking data and allows reports to be accessed from any location.
  •  Safeguarding sensitive data through PCI compliance.

Companies of all types will be able to find the most economical and efficient point of sale solutions while making the most out of their business information and eschewing any unexpected plot twists.