Hi, I’m Katie Colburn

This is Katie Colburn, and I hope you”re as excited as I am to be delving deeper into the world of Point of Sale. Whether you”re a casual visitor or brand new entrepreneur who”s always wondered exactly what goes on in these systems, or you”re a restaurant or retail store owner who wants to know how to make Point of Sale work harder for you, we”re going to get along well! You probably already know a bit about AccuPOS, the great Point of Sale software that makes things so much easier for business owners. When I was approached to become a part of the ever-growing AccuPOS blog team, I jumped at the chance! So, why exactly should you be interested in what I have to say about Point of Sale?
Let”s get acquainted, shall we?

As a kid, you probably had at least one all-important toy you can remember to this very day, right? Maybe a teddy bear, a skateboard, or one of those “ovens” with the light bulb in it? Well, mine was a toy cash register. While everyone else was playing “house,” I was ringing up endless trades on a little plastic register. It was orange with blue keys. Weird, I know, right? But in a certain way, it makes sense: After all, dad was a convenience store owner. Well, long story short, while my older sibs were never too keen on staying in to help with the store, I was: The “REAL” cash register just seemed so mysterious. So, the first time I had the chance, I started working at the store after class. It was a good way to get some experience (although back then I didn”t know why I needed any) and I was finally able to see what all the mystery was about.

At first, there didn”t seem to be much to it. But just look deeper and you discover that everything has surprises in its own special way … In college, I was interested in computers but didn”t find myself quite interested enough to sit down and get to work on the great American website (or Point of Sale software.) I was just as fascinated by the human side of providing great customer service and being part of a team.

In my first two years of college, I worked at an in-house sandwich shop on my college campus … those who know me well might remember me from there, or from all the wacky photos that ended up on the tack board (before we had cell phones!) I appreciated the friendly faces and the free coffee, but I felt like I was doing it because it was “safe.” And this was college, after all! While getting my degree in Business Management, I slowly started to branch out more. Soon, I was waiting tables at one of NYC”s most fast-paced restaurants, and making cool change for a student! New York was enticing enough that I knew I wanted to stay for good. Plus, I had really “found myself” in at least one way … I knew I wanted to be in the restaurant business. I missed the homey feel of the convenience store (and the sandwich shop!) but I knew there was a way to find the best of both worlds: Customer service. By the time I realized it was time to graduate (What? Already?) I had figured out that I wanted to be my own boss, just like dad … but how could I mix up all of the different things I wanted and get something good?
It took a while to figure out, but I got it …

For almost twenty years now I”ve been a customer service consultant here in the City, helping restaurants and the occasional retail outlet bring the best service that they can. For me, that starts with a great Point of Sale system that can make things smoother and easier on the staff and customers alike. Once that”s done, and everything becomes so much simpler for all involved … then the sky”s the limit. It”s been a lot of fun watching the evolution of Point of Sale systems and software, and now I”m looking forward to the chance to add my voice to the conversation.

Well, that”s the story. Pretty soon, we”ll start talking about the wide world of Point of Sale and how a good system can help you. We”ll also be discussing all kinds of other topics related to restaurants, retail, and just business in general. I”m always eager to answer your questions, so feel free to contact me any time! All you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog.