How To Attract Customers This Summer

For many people, summer is synonymous with fun and relaxation. But good business owners are always on the job, looking for the next sale, and discovering new ways to make customers out of prospects. So, what can a business owner do when vacations and rising temperatures are demanding customers’ full attention? They can make the season work for them! By following these summer-centric ideas, business owners will be sure to have their summer sales heating up in no time.

Summer Blow Out Sales

It’s no secret that consumers look for great deals during the summer. For example, “Back-to-School” specials occur during this time of year and, if a target demographic includes teenagers, more disposable income is available to spend. It can be the perfect time to wrangle the masses into a shop – whether brick and mortar or online.

Amazing advertising is a key to get more customers during the summer. The summer is loud, bold and intense, and the marketing for businesses looking to move inventory has to be, too. Revamping signage, and marketing items that are particularly relevant to these particular months can make businesses see profits fast. Blow outs can also be one of the best ways to get rid of old inventory. Given all this, summer sales can be a masterclass in how to attract customers and move products.

To minimize profit loss, business owners may want to research their industries to determine if sales have been historically good during the summer. Car dealerships generally experience an upswing in sales during this season, but that’s not to say that companies that sell heaters enjoy the same!

Summer Block Party or Event

Aside from the holidays, summer is a time for celebration. Consumers are always looking for a reason to rejoice and relax during this season, and a great way for businesses to get more customers is to facilitate that. Parties and events are attractive to consumers year ’round, but when they include high spirits, social gatherings, and free stuff, they’re almost always hits. Business owners should plan a block party or event with the goals of raising their business’ profiles, making connections with prospects, and advertising their goods or services. Events like these can be a great way to give back to a loyal customer base or celebrate milestones, too.

The success of a block party or event can depend heavily on local business marketing practices. Every business owner, no matter their location or industry, will have to target the locals or near-locals that are likely to show up to their event. Most of their advertising or marketing should be geared towards these consumers. If done right, local business marketing can spell instant success for summer sales.

Run a Contest

Contests are a tried-and-true way to get more customers. They attract prospects by encouraging a competitive spirit amongst them, offer another avenue of advertising, and add perceived value to products.

With the emergence of summer and its hospitable temperatures, business owners can see their options for contests increase. Fun, outdoor contests become doable, which can attract even more prospects than initially anticipated. A contest can also give business owners a reason to highlight their brands through press releases and print advertisements.