Introducing AccuPOS 2014

Posted on: April 11, 2014

Many of you are already using AccuPOS 2014 – which is now ready for widespread implementation. Every year we release new software with updated accounting adapters and new feature improvements, but 2014 represented our first major overhaul of the AccuPOS design, delivering a solution that is truly the easiest to use, yet most technologically advanced Point of Sale system available today.

The 2014 Version interface improves upon transaction speed by providing faster access to common functions and making items in the current transaction ‘touchable’ for editing. Improvements to station flexibility allow you to fine tune the settings at each individual station, making each POS terminal in your business as effective as possible.

Device Flexiblity
Inherent to the redesign is Android tablet, Android phone/PDA and Windows 8 Pro tablet support. You can now take your AccuPOS devices outside local area networks (LANs) and process transactions anywhere in the world using your home database. Online real-time system web reports accompany these solutions for all AccuPOS Platinum Club members.

Of course, all current (2014) versions of QuickBooks, Sage 50, Sage 100 ERP and Business Works were updated for AccuLINK. AccuPOS users rest assured that year in, year out, they can update their accounting systems without fear of losing Point of Sale compatibility.

Existing customers with questions who have not yet installed the 2014 release should contact Client Relations at x615 to discuss any potential impact on your operation and the features and benefits specifically applicable to your business. For a complete list of 2014 new features click