Is Cash Register Software the Same as Point of Sale Software?

What is Cash Register Software?

I think it is fair to say that Cash Register Software is software that simulates the same processes as a cash register only on a computer:

  • Cash Register Software can be used to process sales
  • Cash Register Software can be used to run price checks
  • Cash Register Software can provide end of day reports.

These are basic functions you should expect from any software which presents itself as Cash Register Software.  More advanced Cash Register Software will not be limited to these three functions.

What is Point of Sale Software?

If we can agree that the Point of Sale is the physical location where the sales transactions take place than perhaps we can assume that Point of Sale Software is software designed to assist in functions that take place at the Point of Sale.  Just as Cash Register Software does, Point of Sale software is also capable of processing sales, running price checks, and providing end of day reports.

YES Cash Register Software and Point of Sale Software are the same thing.

We really are talking semantics here.  I believe Cash Register Software is an older term but just as relevant.   Point of Sale Software is perhaps more current as a term but it is beneficial for all people and businesses to know that whichever term is being used to market a product, these terms are interchangeable and should not be looked over.

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