Keeping your Credit Card Transactions Secure and your Customer Data Safe from Hackers

Posted on: May 2, 2014

Many of you have expressed concern about PCI compliance and credit cardholder security following recent high-profile system breaches (Target, etc.) in the media. First, rest assured that AccuPOS 2014 meets all current PA-DSS encryption requirements (see our Validated Payment Application listing by clicking here, changing the drag-down from ‘Company’ to ‘Application Name’, then search for ‘AccuPOS’ to see the listing..) and that using AccuPOS 2014 with an approved Merchant Services partner (offered through AccuPOS Client Relations) alleviates most of your responsibilities in this regard.

The rest of what falls on you, as a business owner, in being truly PCI compliant is essentially network administration. Set up your firewall. Change your passwords every 6 months or sooner. Use antivirus software. Here is an article, republished yesterday in Forbes Magazine that offers additional steps you can take beyond minimal requirements, if you want to go an ‘extra mile’. Can Your Company Be PCI-Compliant and Still Get Hacked?

If you are using an older (2013, 2012, etc.) version of AccuPOS – it could be critical that you upgrade immediately. Call AccuPOS Client Relations at 800-906-5010 x615 or email to request an assessment of your current system to make sure there are no vulnerabilities. Remember that all AccuPOS “Platinum” Members never pay for software version upgrades! If your Membership is expired or currently set as “Basic”, be sure to ask about “Platinum” special offers.