March Madness Brings New Ventures in Restaurant POS Software

As technological acceleration brings us Google Glass, 3D printing, and software with the ability to visualize what was once imperceptible to the human eye, AccuPOS’ newest POS software version is adding futuristic restaurant technologies with its latest updated features. Like the evolution of most technologies, restaurant POS software is moving in the direction of more automation with less output. While incorporating all of the best of its prior versions’ attributes, the 2013 version now includes customer tracking and auto-gratuity.

Your tracking information is as follows

Much to privacy advocates’ chagrin, it appears that the inevitable increase in customer tracking is going nowhere fast. From billboards that analyze and determine customers’ demographic information to cable boxes that know the intimate details of your living room décor, consumers are becoming more and more well known by Big Government and Big Business alike. Is this necessarily bad? Many customers and potential customers, in America at least, willingly use their personal information as currency. Thus, it never ceases to amaze me when Facebook users express outrage that their information is being used to sell advertisements.

Goodness gracious

One complaint I’ve heard time and again when dining out is the irritation at calculating the tip when the bill arrives. “Why don’t they just add 20%?” a friend asked me recently. “Or 30%? I’d much rather pay a 30% tip and not have to calculate it than have them make me do math.” Americans’ standings in math and science notwithstanding (and nothing to brag about), I believe many people have the same qualms with the tipping system. Europeans not only have their credit cards swiped at the table, they also traditionally do not add gratuity. This is why the newest version of AccuPOS’ restaurant POS software is so revolutionary. Not only does it keep track of clients’ information in a more targeted yet secure way, tips can be added automatically, much as they are in New York taxicabs.

To recap, the 2013 version of POS software will provide the following benefits to restaurants:

  • Integration with hardware and peripherals that enhance client service and build loyalty.
  • More targeted customer tracking abilities, which will improve accuracy for better loyalty management.
  • Seamless integration with award-winning accounting programs, such as QuickBooks, Sage 50, and Simply Accounting.
  • An auto-gratuity option, which will allow clients to quickly and painlessly add tips in various denominations.
  • Inventory tracking that links with your accounting system.