POS Software Proves Healthier Than the Mediterranean Diet

…for your restaurant, that is. Today, perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, we found out that the Mediterranean diet helps to ward off heart disease and stroke. Why is this not surprising? Well, while nuts, olive oil, and chocolate may have more fat content than most foods, they are most likely filling enough to prevent us from eating as much. To wit, foods provide more bang for their buck. Which leads us to POS software for restaurants.

What’s healthy for your business?

While some POS software might not be the most inexpensive option for your business, this isn’t to say that it’s not the best choice. Sometimes the extras are worth it. Just as certain foods associated with the Mediterranean diet have more fat content (which may in turn trigger negative associations psychologically), POS software for restaurants and retail stores that provides PCI compliancy and a tailor-made approach may cost more initially. This pays off in the long term, however, when you avoid PCI compliance violations and the manual labor associated with using POS software without accounting integration (for example).

Investing for your bottom line

Yes, this applies to your diet and your business. While the Mediterranean diet study underplays the effect on weight loss and maintenance, other preceding studies have indicated that the diet keeps its followers leaner as well. Again, while you may be consuming a lot of wine and olive oil, you’re probably not as hungry for, say, cookies, chips, and other processed foods.

Avoiding processed foods in your personal life is akin to avoiding certain pitfalls of starting a new business. For instance, your POS software should integrate with reputable accounting programs, such as QuickBooks, Sage 50, and Simply Accounting. The best POS software for restaurants and retail stores should emphasize these features:

  • Superior protection from virus threats.
  • Inexpensive upgrades.
  • An inexpensive operating system.
  • More control for the system administrator.
  • POS software that can be customized for retailers and restaurants of all stripes, whether start-up, multi-store chain, bar, or lounge.
  • Award-winning POS software that follows PCI compliancy laws and works effortlessly with various accounting programs, such as QuickBooks and Sage 50.
  • POS software that integrates with gift cards as well as loyalty cards.
  • POS software that provides access to real-time reporting from across the globe.

Investing in your personal and business’ future well-being will improve your bottom line in the long run. No pun intended.