POS systems and barcodes, what’s the big whoop?

A customer called the other day frazzled that he was having zero luck tracking down the

codes that he needed for the item list he was creating in his accounting program that would then be integrated into his POS system. He called his vendors, googled each item and finally got fed up so he called AccuPOS, the brand of his POS Software. When I heard what he had gone through, I immediately suggested he go ahead and make up codes of his own. I assured him that unless he is a distributor for any of these items it is perfectly fine to create your own barcodes.There was a moment of POS System setup panic as to how these items would get entered and then sold if they did not have barcodes? There are other ways, which is why AccuPOS gives you the ability to create item buttons and you always have the lookup function on your POS System as well.HOWEVER, the most efficient way to enter and sell items is using barcodes with your POS System.

How does one create UPCs and barcodes using his/her POS System and how long is it going to take?
This may sound crazy but it takes seconds to create the barcode, a minute including printing of the label.Whether you are entering the item directly into your POS system, or into your accounting program if you are using an integrated POS system such as AccuPOS Point of Sale, you simply create a number that isn’t currently in use and enter it into the appropriate field.For the actual label with the barcode, depending on which POS system you use, you may or may not need a label printing software add-on, but either way you print the label and the barcode is created, it’s a little like magic if you ask me.It really is wonderful when you have this much control over your sales AND you can leave it in the theoretical hands of your POS System at the same time.Yes this will take more time on the backend, however better that way than on the front end.
Why is using barcodes for sales made through POS Systems better than buttons or lookups?
To put it simply and honestly, it’s faster.As soon as you scan the item into your POS system it appears in the transaction, no buttons to press or colors to choose, no item to lookup because it doesn’t even have its own button, just scan one item after the next and press Total or the equivalent of. The faster items are entered into the sale, the faster the sale; the faster the sale, the shorter your customer line; the shorter the customer line, the happier the customer; the happier the customer, the more likely they return.What does all of this mean? More money for you!The quicker and more accurate you are on the frontend will always increase your ROI more than if you try saving time on the backend.
For questions about how to create barcodes using AccuPOS Point of Sale please call 800-906-5101 or email sales@accupos.com