QuickBooks Point of Sale for Retail by AccuPOS: it’s A No-Brainer!

Whether you own or manage a small-scale retail business or large retail company, you need the best accounting software the market has to offer. Gone are the days of old school cash registers, simple calculators, and adding machines. It’s time to enter the digital age if you haven’t already. Retail outlets are usually packed with rabid shoppers who are looking for a deal and then looking to get out there! With QuickBooks Point of Sale software by AccuPOS, you can turn any retail store into a fast-paced and efficient environment.

Accounting Software vs. Accounting Integration Software

If you already operate your business using accounting software on its own, you might wonder how it differs from integrated software like QuickBooks Point of Sale software by AccuPOS. You’ve come to the right place!

  • Unlike regular accounting software, Quickbooks and QuickBooks Point of Sale software by AccuPOS integrate in order to create a harmonious tracking and recordkeeping system.
  • No need to worry about learning an entirely new and complicated accounting method; sales transactions are still made “cash register style” as normal.
  • Basically, you’re getting the best of both worlds; reliable accounting software combined with a detailed recordkeeping system.

How Do You Know if You’re Compatible?

Good question. The following QuickBooks programs are perfectly compatible with AccuPOS Point of Sale software:

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premiere
  • QuickBooks Enterprise 2010–2012

QuickBooks AccuPOS Point of Sale = Awesomeness

The Sleeter Group awarded AccuPOS with one of its prestigious “Awesome QuickBooks Add-ons” for retail businesses, stating that the software is truly one-of-a-kind for retail users everywhere. If that’s not a ringing endorsement, we don’t know what is! The Sleeter Group goes on to list the multiple benefits and supreme features of the QuickBooks Point of Sale:

  • The touchscreen is simple and user-friendly
  • Retailers receive a “True Cash Register Experience”
  • It produces detailed transactions for every sale
  • It is great for multiple registers in a single store

Accounting is no longer a “scary” term that conjures the image of a frustrated employee surrounded by piles of receipts and an antiquated calculator. QuickBooks Point of Sale software, made available by AccuPOS integration, is the new “it” thing for any successful retail business.