Share the POS Software Love for Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of Saint Valentine, it’s common knowledge that restaurants and retail stores are gearing up for the windfall that typically arrives in “good economy” years on February 14th. The economy is in (relatively) better spirits and couples across the United States plan to splurge on everything from high-end dining to jewelry to handbags to fleur de sel caramels. Merchants using the best POS software will in turn be able to best prepare for this annual influx of clientele.

Cupid”s arrow, from our heart to yours

So what exactly encompasses the best POS software in the United States? Well, AccuPOS has made two distinct efforts recently to further distinguish itself from other point of sale software companies. First, it has made itself available on the Linux OS platform. The benefits of this expansion are manifold. Not only is the Linux platform more stable and more secure, running AccuPOS’ POS software on Linux reduces the energy output of your PC and puts more control in the hands of your system administrator.

A sweetheart sale for one hundred lucky customers

The second measure AccuPOS has taken in recent days is to offer one hundred clients entire retail and restaurant software bundles for bargain prices. A boon to new and old businesses alike, this deal offers brand new equipment (POS software and hardware) with the same stellar tech support and overnight replacement policy.

In short, the best POS software for restaurants and retailers on Valentine’s Day will have the following attributes:


  • Enhanced security from virus threats.
  • Free upgrades.
  • Free operating system.
  • More control for the system administrator.
  • POS software that can be tailored to retailers and restaurants from all walks of life, whether start-up, multi-store chain, bar, or lounge.
  • Award-winning POS software that follows PCI compliancy laws and works seamlessly with various accounting programs, whether QuickBooks or Sage 50.
  • POS software that integrates with gift cards as well as loyalty cards.
  • POS software that provides access to real-time reporting from across the globe.


Having the most progressive POS software for restaurants and retail stores will not only provide faster processing (and, therefore, happier couples), it should bring some of the so-called romance back to your point of sale. Your clients will be happier, will return for non-Valentine’s Day dinners and shopping, and you will rest assured knowing you paid the most competitive price for the award-winningest POS software and hardware bundle.