Software Changelog – 2018.4

AccuPOSII version 2018.3 updates:

New Feature:

  • Issue 5526 – Added text wrapping for receipts to help prevent overlapping

AccuServer version 2018.4 updates:

New Features:

  • Issue 5454 – Added “C:\\accupos” as default integrationPath in the AccuServer Configuration GUI when using standard integrator
  • Issue 5529 – When changing settings in AccuServer Configuration from the server itself or from web management, you will be given the option to “Confirm Restart” which will run AccuServerRestarter.jar which will restart the AccuServer
  • Issue 5510 – In the “Print Barcode Labels” menu, added a Clear All Print Qty(s) button and added a Select checkbox for each item to allow clearing print quantity of selected items
  • Issue 5520 – Added VatNetTaxable to VatTaxBlock for Receipts in UK and IL versions. This will display as “Net VAT” on the receipt


  • Issue 5525 – Fixed update of NoPartialQuantities for new items added using Product Line
  • Issue 5544 – Fixed barcode count update with items that have Sales Discount
  • Issue 5459 – Added Receipt Currency and Quantity decimal number as well as DateTime format fields to the Customer Receipts page in Web Management
  • Issue 5542 – Added Parameter in AccuServer Configuration GUI to use either Points or Credit for Como Member Details
  • Issue 5516 – Fixed issue sending Payment Types for Sales to QBO
  • Issue 5499 – Added ability to sync the Deletion of Menu Keys to Regional Servers that had been deleted from HQ
  • Fixed issues with Sage Live importing Customers and Items – See Issues: 4422 and 5532
  • Made some background changes to comply with findings from Intuit’s Security review for listing on their apps page, These include Issues: 5535 , 5521, 5563


  • AccuServerRestarter.jar is required for Issue 5529 to work. This file is included in the installer for AccuServer 2018.4