Software Changelog – 2018.6

AccuServer version 2018.6 updates:

New Features:

  • Issue 5576 – Added IL date format (dd-MM-yy HH:mm) to “customer receipts” page
  • Issue 5578 – Added EmailSupport handler to allow users to send an email to tech support from a new popup form added to the header for all Web Management pages. On smaller screens (like phones) these icons will be moved into the “Left Tab Menu”
  • Issue 5588 – Added DateFormat and DateTimeFormat options to the AccuServer Configuration screen and the Web Management Server Configuration page
  • Issue 5580 – Added Remove Discount button in the Discount select popup box in the Web Management Customer info page


  • Issue 5592 – Added a check for double quotes in the VatCode field for MenuKeys
  • Issue 5597 – Changed “Open Sales” message to only email once per day – and not to email at every Server Startup or Restart
  • Issue 5593 – Fixed “Fire” option for Integrated Remote Printing and fixed Literals for Dine-in, VOID, Carry-Out, and Delivery options
  • Issue 5606 – Fixed the “Email this Report” option on reports in web management
  • Issue 5605 – Fixed display of a single quote in input fields for all web management pages
  • Issue 5607 – Fixed POS Menu keys page to allow commas in the item description and menu button text but not in the ItemCode field. (only allowed if imported from Accounting software)
  • Issue 5608 – Fixed “new item” and “product line item” pages to not allow commas in the “Item Code” for any new items created (only allowed if imported from Accounting software)
  • Issue 5598 – Updated “product line detail” page to save “choiceGroup” selection when creating product lines
  • Issue 5585 – Fixed an issue with retrieving duplicate Item Types from the database
  • Issue 5594 – Fixed an issue with saving “Merchant Id” when changes are saved in “Cards/Merchant Setup” page in Web Mgmt. If info is changed here, it will not prompt you to restart the card handler and update the config without needing to restart AccuServer
  • Issue 5595 – Updated LicenseHandler to get new License fields from Registration Server
  • Issue 5603 – Fixed an issue where an extra space at the end of a module parameter would cause it to not read it properly
  • Fixed broken signature image on Signature Receipt reports
  • Skip download of Launcher.exe when starting AccuServer if file already exists (Used for Auto Updates and Server Restart)
  • Removed the adding of multiple lines to the AccuServer config file when saving changes. Now when you save changes that affect the AccuServer config it will remove all extra spaces between modules, making it much easier to read
  • The “Key Number” for lines in the apcskeys table will now increment properly when new keys are added rather than display as 0