Software Changelog – 9.21.18

AccuServer version 2018.9 updates:

  • Added AccuPOS invoice number to the “message displayed on statement” field when posting for a more detailed view when using Quickbooks online invoice number.
  • Added invoice number to the top of the receipt next to the transaction number (previously was towards the bottom of the receipt).
  • Optional features will be suppressed inside of web management when not enabled on account.
  • Load order screen will display the number of open orders for each POS user.

Android AccuServer version 2018.13 updates:

  • Improved Split Check functionality.


AccuPOS Mobile 2018.10:

  • Improved performance when loading orders that have more than 40 items.
  • Point of sale will no longer prompt for manager password when changing prices permission is disabled.
  • Customer name displays on the quickbar when attached to a transaction.
  • Improved point of sale performance when changing descriptions on items.