The Perks to Having Employees Wear Work Uniforms

We all know most kids don’t like wearing uniforms to school, but by the time you’re an adult, uniforms can do you a lot of good in the workplace. This is especially true in restaurants and retail settings: Getting your employees to wear uniforms can have a profound positive impact both on how they approach customer service and on how customers perceive them.

Below I have compiled some of the ways that uniforms can enhance your team’s productivity,

1) Branding and Advertising

As discussed in Top 10 Benefits of Employee Uniforms, mandating uniforms can create a sharp, cohesive look among all your employees. When uniforms are stylish, professional, and mesh well with your existing brand, it’s immediately obvious to customers they are in the presence of people who take work — and customer needs — very seriously.

2) Belonging and Equality

Over at Impact Marketing and Design, they have some different ideas about uniforms. 5 Reasons Why Wearing a Proper Uniform is Important highlights the critical issue of employee morale and making sure everyone feels like a part of the organization. Uniforms can encourage pride in what you do and smooth out some of the rough edges of office politics.

3) Cost Savings

Uniforms can be a morale booster for other reasons, too. Just as it says over at 6 Reasons You Should Introduce Uniforms in Your Company, uniforms are a great way to benefit your team’s budgets. Uniforms are easier to maintain than a whole bunch of different outfits for work, so each employee will save a little money every single week.

4) Customer Service

Of course, customer service is king when it comes to implementing any major change in your business. Studies have shown that implementing uniforms across the enterprise will help people be more engaged in their work. Uniforms distinguish your team members at a glance, so they are more aware of the public and tend to be more eager to please.

5) Pride and Honesty

Naturally, you should avoid hiring anyone you feel is untrustworthy. However, having a branded uniform at work can help those who are already honest be even more scrupulous and responsible in everything they do. This can prevent some simple mistakes, since workers are more alert to the responsibility they hold when representing the company’s image.

Final Thoughts: Getting Started With Uniforms at Your Business

Uniforms aren’t the “end all, be all” answer to every problem, but they can make a great start in improving your customer service. Just by instituting uniforms, you have the chance to address all the vital “touchstone” factors that lead to a great customer experience.

Don’t be surprised if there is a little resistance at first, especially if you are leading a smaller organization where uniforms have not been expected in the past. Adopting a professional ethos is an ongoing process, and you will want to be aware of each person’s voice.

That said, a uniform policy that is reasonable and clearly communicated tends to be popular. Once the policy is in place, team members deal with much less overhead when selecting their daily wardrobe, allowing them to save plenty of time each morning.