What Kind of Point of Sale Shopper Are You?

Have you ever stopped to think about the kind of Point of Sale shopper you are?  Perhaps you have thought about the type of Point of Sale shopper you should be?  Finally, and my favorite, what does this say about the kind of business owner you are?  The truth is, as painful as it can be to our bank accounts; you get what you pay for.  It’s true when you purchase clothing, its true when you purchase a car, and somewhere in between the price tags on those examples, it is true when you purchase a POS Software.  What it doesn’t mean is that you should run out immediately and buy the most expensive Point of Sale you can find.  The other phrase I like to mention when talking about investing in anything for my business is garbage in garbage out.  Basically, if you don’t put in the money, there isn’t going to be a return on investment.  It also means if you don’t put in the time and do the research, the Point of Sale you come out with may not be what you want or need.

Get in the right mental state to shop for a Point of Sale

Before you tear out on your Point of Sale shopping adventure, ask yourself some questions.  Which Point of Sale functions are nonnegotiable for you and which Point of Sale functions could you live without?  Which accounting program do you use and would you like your Point of Sale to integrate?  Which add-ons do you use (i.e. gift cards, integrated Merchant Services) and which might you use in the future?  Where would you like your business to be in 5, 10, 15, 20 years?  How many price levels do you plan on having?  Does your inventory have Bar codes?  Taking stock of your business and making sure you discuss all of these points when checking out Point of Sale software is pertinent to finding the system that is right for you and your business.  Of course this is just a handful of questions and a place to start but hopefully they will lead you in the right direction and make you realize how much your business will be affected by your Point of Sale.  Because of this commitment, you want a Point of Sale that actually helps you improve your business.  Be the Point of Sale shopper that is looking at the big picture.  Today’s Point of Sale is not your grandparents’ cash register.

Expect to get what you pay for when purchasing a Point of Sale

As a business person, you know the importance of living within your means and of course this applies to buying a Point of Sale as well….know your budget.  If you are someone who is trying to spend as little as possible then buy yourself a plug and play cash register OR reconsider that a Point of Sale has the ability to thoroughly improve your business and customer experience and not investing in the right Point of Sale for you could do more damage than you realize.  Of course this is all opinion, shop however you feel works best for you, but know that I am coming from a place of experience and deal with Point of Sale owners ALL the time and EVERYONE regrets skimping when it comes to Point of Sale and soon realizes the truth in you get what you pay for.  Point of Sale is not a Band-Aid it’s a solution.  Do not buy a Point of Sale on the fly and don’t forget to consider all the other software and peripherals you work with.   Do not be the person who pinches pennies when it comes to the welfare of your business because it will show, it will be reflected in everything you do.  If money is an issue, once you find the right Point of Sale for you, talk to them, most of them are willing to work out payment plans or have options for you, especially in this economy.

Remember a good Point of Sale will have a great ROI.  Talk to an AccuPOS sales rep to see how much you could save with AccuPOS Point of Sale 800-906-5010 sales@accupos.com