Why is it important to keep AccuPOS Point of Sale software current?

Upgrading AccuPOS POS software has always either excited customers or rubbed them the wrong way.  I would hope it’s obvious we are going for the former.  Different Point of Sale Software companies will give you different reasons as to why it is important to stay within 2 or 3 years of the most current versions, but there are common things you will always hear:

1) It is customary for point of sale software companies to only support three versions of software at a time.

2) The version of point of sale software that you are currently running had no way of knowing when it was written what the most current java (computer language) was going to look like, so there is a very likely chance that at some point your point of sale software will just stop operating properly because it is no longer speaking the same language as your operating system, do not wait until everything crashes and upgrading is an emergency.

3) Why wouldn’t you want all the latest tools and tricks that help you expedite all  your functions and processes?

Support Standards and Practices for AccuPOS Point of Sale Software

Hearing that you need to upgrade because what you bought is no longer supported isn’t fun and we understand that.  Unfortunately as a business like our customers, there are guidelines and standards by which we must abide in order to stay in business.  One of those guidelines is that we provide our customers with Point of Sale software that serves our customers to the best of our abilities.  We know AccuPOS Point of Sale better than anybody and we do know that there are customers out there still running version 2002 without any issues and it’s fantastic but it is also very lucky.  AccuPOS is a highly intelligent software and it integrates with many other highly intelligent softwares but AccuPOS can only control AccuPOS.   As a rule of thumb in the software and point of sale software industries, upgrading at a minimum of every three years is necessary as elements out of the programmer’s hands are bound to change and being prepared by upgrading is essential to running a smooth and functioning business.  We are talking about your money when it comes down to it so why mess with that.  To make it easier, AccuPOS Point of Sale software has released a monthly payment program that keeps your support current AND gets you the latest versions of AccuPOS Point of Sale as soon as they are released.

Java and AccuPOS Point of Sale software

According to Wikipedia Java is a general-purpose, concurrent, class-based, object-oriented (programming) language that is specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible”.   It seems that about every three years (sometimes less, sometimes more) the advancements that become the most current version of Java make it almost unrecognizable to its older versions.  Technology is moving fast, computer programming is moving fast, software is moving fast therefore we, as AccuPOS Point of Sale software, are expected to move fast and YOU, as the consumer, are expected to keep up…this really is the easiest way to put.  Personally I understand that not all of us want to or need to keep up, some of us don’t even install required security updates on our operating systems.  But what eventually happens, using JAVA as the best example, is that we are speaking a language that no one any longer understands.  Upgrading our AccuPOS Point of Sale software is the ONLY thing we can do as AccuPOS Point of Sale software consumers to prevent misunderstandings between our data and our money, not doing it proves detrimental every time.  Just like when mom made you eat your veggies when you didn’t want to, we are going to make you upgrade if you want our support and believe us, it’s for your own good and you will thank us for it…..

For questions about AccuPOS Point of Sale software call 800-906-5010 or email sales@accupos.com

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