Credit Card Fraud Protection and Safety Guide

When a person uses someone else’s credit card without their permission, or they obtain credit in someone else’s name, it is called an act of credit fraud. Anyone, from a child to an elderly person, a wealthy or a poor person, can become a target for this type of crime. In order to avoid becoming a victim, everyone should become familiar with basic credit card security tactics and strategies. Like with all other forms of crime, however, even the best credit card safety tips may not be enough to prevent fraud from happening. Therefore it is also important for people to understand how to report credit card fraud in the event that such a crime occurs.

FTC: Protecting Against Credit Card Fraud

This link is to the Federal Trade Commission. Information on the web page explains how credit card fraud happens and what people can do to keep their credit card information safe so that it is protected from scammers and other criminals.

City of Norman: Credit Card Fraud

This link leads to the website for the City of Norman, which is the home of the University of Oklahoma. The web page outlines what a person should do to prevent credit card fraud and also what they should not do.

Michigan State University: Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

Visitors to this Michigan State University website are given twelve tips that are designed to help reduce the risk of fraud and ensure credit card safety. The advice is based on of suggestions made by the FTC.

FBI Common Fraud Schemes: Internet Fraud

This page lists common Internet fraud schemes, including credit card fraud. Visitors to this page are given tips on how they can avoid becoming victims to credit card and other types of fraud.

How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

This is a link to the website for the Maryland Attorney General. It gives detailed advice about credit card security and how to prevent credit card fraud. This includes in-depth information about protecting one’s credit card, guarding credit card numbers, and using them wisely.

Fairfax County, Virginia: Credit Card Fraud

On this web page visitors are given the answer to common questions regarding credit card fraud. Included are answers on how to protect oneself from becoming a victim and what is not considered credit card theft or fraud.

Credit Card Fraud – Important Things You Should Know

The Ohio University police give important advice on what to do in order to prevent credit cards from being stolen or used for fraudulent purposes. Advice is valuable for students and non-students. Information is also given regarding how to report credit card fraud, suspicion of fraud, or a stolen card.

San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank: Plastic Fraud
Clicking this link will take the reader to a consumer information brochure that gives advice on credit and debit card use and security. The link takes the reader directly to the section titled “Avoiding Card Fraud.”

Credit – Fraud

Visitors are given useful steps to protect themselves from credit card fraud. The page also gives general information about credit cards and checking one’s credit report yearly.

Credit Card Holiday Safety

This is a PDF flier on how people can keep their credit card information safe during holidays. This information is useful for any time of the year, regardless of whether it is a holiday or not.

Credit Card Safety on the Internet

Clicking on this link will take readers to a PDF document. The document provides six very brief and to-the-point tips on how to keep credit card information safe while shopping on the Internet.

Credit Card Safety

On this web page readers are given a list of prevention and credit card safety tips. The link also discusses reporting the loss of credit information and provides phone numbers and addresses to the major credit reporting bureaus.

Avoiding Credit and Charge Card Fraud

This is a PDF document that explains how to avoid fraud involving credit or charge cards. In addition to how to guard against fraud, the reader is also provided with information regarding their liability in terms of charges and how to report credit card fraud to the Federal Trade Commission.

Preventing Credit Card Fraud

This is BBC Watchdog article that discusses credit card fraud, including methods of credit card fraud. It includes information on how to stay safe.

Credit Card Prevention Tips

Prevention tips from Experian. Readers are given tips on how to protect their wallets and how to use the Internet in a secure manner.

Avoiding Credit and Charge Card Fraud

By clicking on this link readers will learn the do’s and don’ts on how to protect themselves from credit card fraud. This information is on the Washington State Department of Financial Institution’s website. Information regarding how to report credit card fraud and stolen cards can also be found on this page.

Internet Crime Prevention Tips

On this page readers are given six tips on how to prevent credit card fraud when making purchases online. Tips include being cautious about providing card information when asked via email and ensuring that websites are secure before using a credit card online.

Identity Theft

This is a page on the New York Eden Extension Disaster Education Network. It discusses vulnerability following a disaster situation. The page includes a link to a brochure that discusses protecting one’s identity during a disaster.

Useful Links

A list of links from the Spokane Better Business Bureau. The list includes a link to scam resource sites.

Massachusetts Law About Identity Theft

This link leads to the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries. Content on the page includes Massachusetts Laws, guidelines, regulations, and executive orders. Readers will also find links to additional information about federal laws and regulations.

This is a list of tips and suggestions on how to prevent identity theft from occurring as a result of a lost or stolen wallet or purse. Readers are also given information about credit card security.

Victim Resources

This link takes the reader to a list of victim resources on the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention website. Resources include an identity theft and credit protection guide.

A list of links that lead to business and organizations that provide privacy protection and identity theft information and resources. Following each organization’s link is an address, phone, fax, email, and website address.

ID Theft Links

Clicking on this link will take the reader to a long list of identity theft links. Links include the Federal Trade Commission, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and more. The links appear on the ID Theft Awareness website.

Identity Protection Links & Resources

Information on who a person should contact if he or she falls victim to identity theft. Additional resources such as the phone number to the credit bureaus are included on this page along with links to articles and information on identity theft.

Center for Economic & Financial Education – Links

An assortment of links are listed on this page, including links to websites where people can get further information regarding identity theft and consumer protection. Additionally, people viewing this may also click on links for credit reports, credit scores, and more.

Educational Opportunity Center – Additional Resources

When viewing this page, the reader can click on links for further information about identity theft, scam awareness, credit reporting, and more. For the reader’s convenience, the page is divided into sections.

World Criminal Justice Library Network

This web page is broken down into categories, including Corruption, Cybercrime and Fraud. Other categories include, but are not limited to, Crime Prevention, Administration of Justice, Corrections, and Victims of Crime. Each category includes a list of links and their descriptions.

Links to Selected Consumer Information and Topics

This is a page on the Ohio State University website that lists numerous links and their descriptions. Examples of links that people will find when visiting the website include identity theft, consumer information, credit report, and consumer protection. – Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection

Links on this page lead to websites for Georgia and Federal Government agencies. Other links on the page include utility web sites and websites that can provide information and resources about credit card fraud and credit card security.

Welcome Federal Credit Union Fraud Prevention Center

The names and links of credit card scams and identity theft tricks that are commonly used by thieves. This page also includes links to information and resources that are meant to help reduce the likelihood of becoming a fraud victim.

The School District of Edgefield County Identity Theft Resources

Identity theft links are listed on this web page. The links lead to information about fraud, statistics, prevention tips and other consumer resources.