How To Count Money and Make Change Quickly

When a person owns a business or is involved in a standard business transaction, it becomes necessary to learn how to count change. A person who wants to conduct business needs to learn how to count change quickly and efficiently, to make sure they are comfortable throughout the process. People should learn these skills as early as possible; in order to gain the tools needed to provide change for anybody they are conducting business with. For this, there are plenty of resources available to help.

Kids Turn Central – This web site provides a number of resources to help kids learn how to handle their finances. The site features everything from guides to counting change, to beginners guides to investments.

The United States Department of Treasury – The Department of Treasury provides a Kids Zone, a portal that helps teachers provide resources to kids learning about money.

Nisswa Elementary School – This school district features a number of resources on fundamental skills.

Counting Coins – Learners will receive information and games on how to count money and give exact change.

The University of Kansas – The university provides information on money skills and practical finance information.

It is never too early for children to begin learning how to use money. They can learn penny, nickel dime and quarter from an early age, recognizing the value, shape and size of each piece of currency. They can also learn to use dollar bills and can learn by watching parents conduct business in the checkout line. By involving children early, they will begin developing financial literacy that will carry them for years.

The United States Mint – The U.S. Mint features a kids section that helps people learn how to use money.

Financial and Banking Information Committee – This site features a number of links that helps people learn about money and the economy.

Rush-Henrietta Central School District – Visitors will receive facts about math and ways to use money.

Pittsford Schools – Students will get resources on quizzes and a number of other links and resources.

Chron – This article goes into detail on how to teach employees on how to make change.

Money Instructor – This site gives information on how to count money, including tutorials and other skills.

Teaching Money – Visitors will take part in money games and activities to reinforce learning. – Users will get the chance to partake in money activities and strategies to help learn.


PBS – The Money Show teaches people how to make change when conducting business.

Lesson Planet – This article contains information about how to teach students about money.

Family Education – tells 15 ways to teach kids about money.

Bermuda Parent Magazine – This magazine shows how to teach children the value and importance of money. – This site provides worksheets and printables that teach kids about the use of money.

The Guardian – The Guardian explains why primary schools should teach money lessons.

Wyzant – This tutoring site features articles about the value of money and how it works.

Teach Kids How – Parents will learn how to teach their children to count money.

Bella Online – Pamela Wilson explains how to teach kids how to count money.