Proper Hand Washing Techniques to Minimize Risk of Germs

CDC Keep Your Hands Clean – Handwashing Tips

This is a page on the CDC Vessel Sanitation Program. It is designed for travelers on cruise ships, but these CDC hand washing tips are ideal for anyone. The page outlines step-by-step how to wash hands. This CDC hand washing page also reviews when one should wash his or her hands.

Hand Washing – Five Easy Steps to Prevent Disease

This link leads to a brochure on hand washing from the North Dakota Department of Health. The PDF brochure outlines hand washing in five steps. It also explains why it is important and at what times people should wash their hands.

Hand Washing

This is a PDF from The Colony, Texas. It outlines proper hand washing procedures in the food service industry. Proper hand wash facilities are also reviewed, listing what employers should provide for their employees to ensure that they have the tools needed for good hygiene.

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Fact Sheet

This is a PDF document that provides fact about the use of hand sanitizer. The reader will learn how to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers, when they should be used, and when washing when soap and water is best.

Hand Washing Lesson Plan – Kindergarten to Sixth Grade

Clicking on this link will take the reader to a lesson plan in PDF format. The lesson plan is to teach children in kindergarten through sixth grade about proper hand washing. The plan includes pictures that children can color, steps, and areas for children to pledge to wash their hands.

NSF International Scrub Club

This is the home page for the Scrub Club. It is a kid-friendly website where kids can learn the hand washing song, watch videos, play games, and learn about the benefits of proper hand washing.

The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing – FAQ

On this page readers will learn the answer to questions related to hand washing. Readers will learn about the benefits of hand washing, the critical moments for hand washing, and why rinsing isn’t enough. They will also learn the correct method of washing hands.

How to Hand Wash

A PDF poster that illustrates hand washing techniques. Directions accompany each image. The poster also states how long it should take to effectively clean hands.

Cleaning for Health – Wash Your Hands the Right Way

This is an American Cleaning Institute article that explains the right way to wash hands. The article gives tips, including how to correctly wash hands for the appropriate length of time. Discusses hand wipes and hand sanitizer as alternatives if soap and water are unavailable.

Better Health Channel: Handwashing – Why It’s Important Fact Sheet

This is a PDF fact sheet that explains when and how to wash hands. It also discusses using liquid over bar soap and potential problems associated with using bar soap in public. This fact sheet is in PDF form.

Hand Washing

Good Hygiene in the form of washing one’s hands is reviewed on this page for the Ohio Department of Health. The page includes a musical, video animation on cleaning hands.

Teaching Handwashing

Parents viewing this PDF sheet are given tips on hand washing techniques to teach their children. Suggestions are give such as singing. Links to activities and tools are also given.

Five Steps to Handwashing

St. Mary Medical Center lists the steps necessary to properly clean hands. The steps are according to the CDC hand washing guidelines.

TeensHealth – Hand Washing

A TeensHealth article that covers defensive hand washing and how it is the first line of defense against germs. The article also advises teens on the correct way to wash their hands.

University of Michigan Health System – Hand Hygiene

The importance of hand hygiene is reviewed on this page. It reviews when health care providers should wash their hands and also when patients and visitors to health centers and hospitals should wash their hands. Proper technique and frequently asked questions are also covered.

Hand Sanitizer, Good or Bad?

This is a New York Times article about alcohol-based hand sanitizers. It discusses the popularity of hand sanitizer and reviews when they are beneficial and when hand washing is best. A majority of the article discusses how much alcohol must be present for maximum benefit.

Healthy Schools, Healthy People

Statistics and facts about germs and hand washing are reviewed on this page. Statistics on who’s washing their hands and how it reduces illness can be found on this page

Health and Safety Extra Help

A list of links for elementary, junior high, and high school students. A number of links lead to hand washing articles or websites.

Public Health Resources

A list of hand hygiene and infectious disease links. This list can be found on the Florida Atlantic University Environmental Health and Safety website

The Importance of Hand Washing

This is an article on the McLean County Health Department website that reviews the importance of hand hygiene. The website discusses hand washing techniques as advised by the CDC. The page includes a hand washing video.

Riverdale Local School – Mr. Young, Middle School Health and PE

The web page for middle school health and PE teacher Mr. Young. The side of the page includes a link to “Hand Washing Tips for Kids.”

Consumer Health and Safety

This is a page on the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene website. On this page there is a list of youth camp links. Under the “Boating” category readers will find a link that will take them to hand washing information.

Useful Links

On this web page readers will find a list of useful links for kids. Links will take the reader to information regarding hand sanitizer, hand hygiene and hand washing facts.

Foose School – Hand Washing Links

Clicking on this link will take the reader to a page that lists hand washing links. The links are to the Henry the Hand website and “Why is Handwashing So Important.”

Washoe County, Nevada – Handwashing Resources

Links to information about hand washing are broken down into categories. The categories include tools available, hand washing links, lesson plans, games for kids, and posters.

Hellgate Elementary School

This is the web page for teacher Derek Dungan at Hellgate Elementary. The page has a number of health and PE related links, including a link on hand washing.

On this page kids are taught the basics regarding hand washing. It reminds kids when they should wash their hands.

Springwoods Elementary School – Nurse’s Nook

The nurse’s web page for Springwoods Elementary School that provides tips about flu season and staying healthy. Hand washing is included as one of the tips for flu season. The page also includes a link to several hand washing websites.

Webster City Community Schools – Flu Prevention

Near the bottom of this page readers will find information on hand washing in relation to avoiding the flu. Additional flu prevention tips are given in addition to hand washing.