The Ultimate Guide to Improving Good Customer Service Skills

One of the most important aspects of a successful business is the development of a good customer service department. Often, the only interaction a customer has with a company is through their customer service employees, so it is very important for workers to create an overall positive experience. Going above and beyond for a customer is one of the best things you can do as an employee because experiences that are exceptionally pleasant or unpleasant are much more likely to be remembered. Creating a memorable, friendly interaction is a great way to put yourself and your business in the spotlight. Good customer service skills are one of the most important things a person can learn because they transcend the business world and become a great asset in other areas of life.

A page with articles about how to improve customer service skills by developing effective listening and communication skills.

A resource guide for customer service workers that includes information about how to cope with difficult situations.

This page contains resources for businesses that would be helpful for learning how to improve customer service skills.

A list of links that would be useful for someone beginning to grow their business.

Valuable information about how to improve work conditions and advance opportunities for employees.

These resources will help people improve their communication skills, which is an important part of developing good customer service skills.

This comprehensive guide contains information about careers, including links to sites about networking.

This Massachusetts-based resource was designed to help small businesses grow and succeed.

An article about the importance of developing good listening skills in the customer service profession.

This list of library items from Educause includes a few descriptions of helpful books about customer service and the customer experience.

CSM is an eMagazine for customer service professionals that contains news, articles, job postings, and events related to customer service.

These worksheets would be helpful in teaching ESL employees the importance of good customer service.

General tips and techniques for students that can be applied to any customer service position.

A free e-book download full of information to help employees improve customer service skills.

The Customer Service Group is an invaluable resource for customer service workers and business owners. Sign up for a newsletter, read training guides, and watch skill-building videos.

A resource center with information about customer service seminars and links to articles, books, and relevant research.

This site contains four customer service programs that would be helpful for business owners and their employees.

These webinars will help customer service employees learn how to improve customer relations and engagement.

This reference manual describes many customer service training activities for employees and business owners to develop good customer service skills.

This list of links is broken up into several categories including Assessing Customer Needs, Educating Customers, and Meeting Customer Needs.

An introduction to learning how to effectively communicate with others, including tips on active listening and what to do when your emotions get in the way.

A helpful article from Impact Communications about the importance of developing a clear, friendly telephone voice.

This comprehensive resource guide includes many resources about how to manage conflict and effectively communicate with others.

An introduction to customer service designed for 9-12th grade students. Includes a worksheet and lesson plan.