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Cycle Therapy

  • AccuPOS client Cycle Therapy in British Columbia case study

Since 2009, Sandra and David Beggs of Cycle Therapy in British Columbia have been loyal customers and users of the AccuPOS POS Software. They have taken advantage of our integrated merchant services and signed up with Mercury Payment Systems (runs on Global in Canada) and have kept their software and support contracts current and up to date. Sandra and David are perfect examples of how to use the AccuPOS Point of Sale system to improve your business.

AccuPOS would also like to recognize what a pleasure Sandra and David are to work with, their understanding of the importance of vendor relationships is greatly appreciated. We are proud to have them as users of the AccuPOS Point of Sale System.

Cycle Therapy and the AccuPOS Point of Sale System

Cycle Therapy Bike Shop is a full service bike store offering premium services for the avid cyclist such as custom fit shoes, professional bike fitting and quality bike repairs. They are located in Duncan on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Cycle Therapy’s experience with the AccuPOS Point of Sale System in their words:

“Purchasing the AccuPOS point of sale system was an excellent business decision. We opened Cycle Therapy just over a year ago and as we were already using Simply Accounting for our Commercial Fishing business, we wanted to stay with that accounting program. Our research told us that AccuPOS had created a Point of Sale link with Simply and we took the plunge.

The one year of tech support was pretty wonderful as we were new to retail and encountered many interesting challenges…many of our own making. The AccuPOS techs patiently took us through the steps to solution…no matter how long it took. I learned loads from them and now…well I hardly ever have to call the support line. Just the same I made sure that, because we’ve just made the move to a new location, we still have full tech support for the next 12 months. Good thing we did too as we encountered a major challenge on our opening day. The AccuPOS tech solved it just in the nick of time and opening day was a success.

On another note…our year end was a snap. Thank you AccuPOS and all your terrific techs.”

Sandra Beggs

AccuPOS Point of Sale System is the backend solution for a bike shop

As is expressed by Sandra Beggs, the AccuPOS Point of Sale system works perfectly in a rent’em, sell’em and fix’em bicycle environment. Sometimes in environments where there is money coming in from different types of sales and services, the taxes need to be applied differently to each and getting the accounting straight can be confusing at best. The seamless integration between the AccuPOS Point of Sale system and Simply Accounting simplifies this so there is nothing to worry about when you Z-out at the end of the day. What more could you ask for?

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