Does the phrase ‘ball and chain’ immediately trigger thoughts of an old cash register? Does the acronym ‘LAN’ belong back in the 20th century? Those days are over. The release of AccuPOS’ 2013 software is a new generation of Restaurant POS Software that will throttle the food service industry as a whole right into the 21st century.

Restaurant POS software with no strings attached

AccuPOS’ latest restaurant POS software is sure to be bigger and better than ever. While incorporating all of the intuitiveness of prior AccuPOS versions, the most effective and exciting new development will almost certainly be the wireless capability featured in version 2013. The newest edition of restaurant POS software will feature an app available to clients on every platform from mobile phones to tablets, regardless of brand or size.

Intelligent restaurant POS software

AccuPOS’ restaurant POS software will save clients time and money with its improved intuitive design. In addition to being tailored to fit a variety of restaurants (from takeout and delivery to fine dining, bars, and nightclubs), the new version will do even more to ensure that any user, whether amateur or advanced, from maître d” to manager, will be comfortable with the interface in a matter of minutes.

Restaurants should take advantage of AccuPOS’ latest incarnation of its restaurant POS software for the following reasons:

1. The new generation of restaurant POS software is not tied to a local area network and therefore can be taken virtually anywhere.

2. The intuitive design allows the register to act as a metaphorical extension of its user.

3. The restaurant POS software works on Linux, Android and PC (Windows), as well as on all of the tablets running the aforementioned operating systems.