We at AccuPOS spend a lot of time discussing the progression of POS imagessystems and POS software in the restaurant and retail industry. However, nothing says progress like the gathering and consequent integration of customer requests. Crowdsourcing is a somewhat new movement mostly used to report on-the-ground news in real time and raise funds for small projects, although many of these “small” projects turn into big business (exhibit A: Kickstarter).

From stationary to mobile POS

One of the most groundbreaking initiatives we took was expanding our POS software and hardware offerings to include mobile, particularly Android POS. For those who wonder, one of the primary reasons we chose Android was to invest in the most open platform available. Most of the feedback we subsequently received and continue to receive has been and is overwhelmingly positive. Restaurant proprietors especially have recounted a vastly improved experience for themselves as well as their customers. The days of running to and from a diner’s table to the restaurant’s point of sale are long gone. Now, what we want to focus on is increasing Android POS usage among retail stores. Some large retailers, like Barneys New York, are ahead of the game. But what if you run a small- to mid-sized business? How feasible is it to implement a mobile POS system to your store without multiple franchises (in addition to the backing of a huge hedge fund)?

What can we do?

We believe everyone should have equal access to an intuitive POS system, whether traditional or mobile. As technological innovation speeds along, it is important for us to address any hiccups that arise for our customers. For instance, many of our customers are Canadian. As you may or may not have heard, the Canadian penny was phased out several months ago. Many customers were concerned about how this would affect their points of sale; thus, we took steps to address this immediately and ultimately quelled their concerns.

So this is our next step: crowdsourcing for customer feedback. What do you look for in the perfect POS system? If you already have one, what could be done to improve your point of sale, POS software or hardware? In looking to the future, what can we do in anticipation of your future restaurant or retail needs? Please feel free to email us or comment on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/accupos.