Do you think your POS software is all work and no play? You might be surprised to find out that there are many new developments in POS software technology. In addition to EMV capabilities and expanded international scope, point of sale hardware and software are moving more progressively toward mobile and cloud technology. So, in the spirit of the Fourth of July and the onslaught of summer clients, there are a few tips you can use to make your restaurant’s summer season even spicier.

Take your POS on the road

No, this doesn’t mean starting a food truck franchise. Rather, you can access your POS system on the go via mobile technology such as Android POS software. Just as you may have thought you’d never be able to, say, deposit a check via Bank of America’s iPhone application, several years ago it was unthinkable that you’d be able to cash a customer out of a restaurant at the table without running to the cash register.

Times are changing

…As is time clock technology. With more wage and hour lawsuits hitting restaurants and retailers than ever, it’s important to have time clock POS software that calculates accurately without the risk of human error. There should be no cause of discrepancy between your employees and your shift-calculating software. This is where AccuSHIFT comes in quite handily. With AccuSHIFT offered as an addition to POS software, the days of punching in and out will become ancient history. The software provides restaurant and retail proprietors with the unique capability to accurately account for staff members who are consistently early or on time, and to put late employees on notice without being concerned as to whether or not their time clock technology was actually correct.

Most business owners are unaware that their existing POS software already comes equipped with an integrated time clock software that securely records the times employees clock in and out without any hassle. The POS software’s records are then directly added to your accounting time sheets. Further, these time sheets can be accessed in real time from mobile devices (cloud, here we come). Employees carry their own customized swipe cards for extra security, while your POS screen effortlessly initiates AccuSHIFT so that all software can be accessed using a single interface. Need some fireworks for your accounting? Why not embrace mobile, cloud, and AccuSHIFT to spice up your accounting?