The Los Angeles Lakers. The Miami Heat. The Boston Celtics. The New York Knicks. The Chicago Bulls. As someone who has moved around frequently, I know it can be tough choosing a preferred basketball team for whom to cheer (Kobe Bryant quickly put this predicament to rest). Similarly, when restaurants and retail stores are initially gathering all they will need for their businesses, how do their proprietors decide which point of sale companies are favored at the time and likely to bring a return on investment in the future? First of all, they most likely want to know which point of sale companies are most aligned with what their businesses offer. For instance, a business selling obscure wines might not be looking for the same types of point of sale companies as a company offering, say, luxury dog accessories or vintage Dennis Rodman jerseys.

Point of sale companies are not created equal

The sheer number of point of sale companies yielded on Google’s search results page might be overwhelming. Just determining which one is right for your business may depend on whether you decide to endure a painstaking research process or go with your gut and narrow the results down to the top five point of sale companies. But how does one even go about narrowing their options down to these five? The ranking criteria should ultimately boil down to this: point of sale companies should offer intuitive, tailored POS systems that are affordable yet secure.

Safe and sound

So what constitutes the safest, securest POS systems that point of sale companies offer? First and foremost, their POS software should be PCI compliant. This will prevent new businesses from incurring unnecessary fees and penalties, while also safeguarding clients’ credit card information. In an era when Chinese hackings (and domestic hackings by groups like Anonymous) are a norm in the daily newspaper, a price cannot be placed on keeping sensitive data secure.

There are common denominators that link the top five point of sale companies; these include:

  • Award-winning POS software that follows PCI compliancy laws and works effortlessly with various accounting programs, including QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, or Sage 50.
  • POS software that can be tailored to retailers and restaurants, whether start-up, multi-store chain, bar, or lounge.
  • Protection from virus threats.
  • More control for the system administrator.
  • POS software that integrates with gift cards as well as loyalty cards.
  • POS software that provides access to all reporting in real time from across the globe.