Handheld Inventory Management for POS Systems Screenshots


Once you have logged in with your password, the AccuCOUNT ‘Select a Function’ screen is the main page where you choose what you are going to do with the device. The gear icon on the top right is where you set your Server I.P and Server Port. Typically these will be set once during the initial setup session

Selecting the ‘Adjust Counts’ button will prompt you to either open a count that was previously saved or start a new one. As shown here, to start a new inventory count you need to set a session name. This is to identify that particular session count so it can be saved and easy to find later on. If needed, you can also select the specific area ‘location’ that the count is being done on.

This screen shows that the device is ready to scan items. Simply get the device within range of the target barcode (a distance of 2 feet or less) and activate the scanning laser by a button on the side of the device. The ‘Search Item’ button allows for a text search of your accounting in case the item’s barcode is missing or damaged. Selecting the ‘Review Count’ button shows a list of all the items in the current count.

Once an item is scanned its details are displayed. Either select the ‘Done’ button, or you can edit the ‘Current Scan’ number so you don’t have to unnecessarily scan many of the same item.\

After clicking the ‘Receive Items’ button on the main screen, you’ll be prompted to select the vendor you are receiving items from.

The ‘Receive Items’ screen is similar to the Adjust Counts screen- simply scan in the items or do an item search, and select ‘Review Receipts’ to see a summary of all the current received items.

Once a received item is scanned its details are displayed. The ‘Current Scan Count’ and ‘Item Cost’ fields are editable.

Once all the necessary items are received from the vendor, select and send the receipt to accounting, or edit if needed.

Selecting the ‘Manage Prices’ button on the main screen allows you to quickly adjust item prices on the fly. Prices can be instantly updated, or saved for updating later.