If you follow me on Twitter or read my blog, you can definitely see I love a good customer service tip. Some of them can be so simple such as, smile or make eye contact. Others require more work and planning. So, I recently took to Twitter to ask all of you what your #1 tweetable customer service tip would be. Here’s what you had to say!

1. #customerservice LISTEN B4/more than you talk. (@ShelHorowitz)

2. Respond to negative customer feedback immediately. Small biz can set themselves apart from big biz by solving customer complaints quickly. (@TeachMy)

3. The greatest tip for nurturing customers couldn’t be more obvious or more often ignored. It’s simply this: “Make people feel important.” (@barrymaher)

4. Treat every customer with the same energy as you would the most important person in your life…and we will find it paid back 10 fold. (@JohnPaulEngel)

5. Want to give the BEST possible service? Make the entire customer encounter from hello to goodbye focused on What’s in it for Them (WiifT). (@salesproinsider)

6. Talk to customers the way you’d want to be talked to if the roles were reversed. (@minimusbiz)

7. Show passion in your work so customers know you’re not in it for the money. (@DrippingEther)

8. Set goals. Allow for multiple ways to “win.” Reward performance. Then listen to feedback from customers and employees. (@brandemix)

9. Reflect on the best customer service experience you had and offer that same experience to your customers. Offer multiple ways for feedback. (@harrine)

10. “Treat ALL guests like they’re a favorite relative. Show ALL same respect, interest, care & gratitude #customerservice”. (@michelejmartin)

So there are 10 of the top customer service tips! What’s your favorite tip? Comment or tweet me at @Katie_Colburn and let me know!