No 3matter what industry you”re in, it”s very important to take steps to improve customer experience on a regular basis. In some cases, it”s easy to understand where you can start to improve customer experience, because complaints arise not only from customers, but from your associates, too! In other cases, customer experience can be harder to quantify.

The perception of your customer experience is very heavily impacted by the first and last experiences that people have at your establishment. The first experience is their first glimpse of the interior of your store, or that first moment where someone greets them. The very last impression they form comes from your transaction point of sale or POS terminal.

Since that”s true, you can get a lot of mileage out of improving your POS terminal!

Here are some ways to make the transaction point of sale easier on your customers:

Don”t Let the Line Get Too Long

Of course, there are going to be busy times, and those are great! But part of your strategy point of sale outlook needs to be a solid plan for dealing with times when the lines are getting too long. Don”t be afraid to call for help when things are getting a little bit out of hand. Most importantly, every employee should know how to operate your POS – so, having a good and intuitive point of sale system will make it easier to combat those long lines.

Keep It Clean and Neat

Only about five percent of customers visit the bathroom in the average retail establishment, and that number goes up to about 20% at the average restaurant. Even though that”s still a small number, though, we always work hard to make sure the bathrooms are clean! You should definitely feel the same way about your point of sale. Virtually everyone who visits your store is going to pass through, so your strategy point of sale thoughts should include keeping things looking great.

Interact and Engage

There are some customers who just don”t feel like interacting and engaging with you in a retail environment, but the majority will feel better about their experience and rate it higher if you take a genuine interest in them and their well-being – this is especially true at a restaurant. The point of sale is a great place to make patrons aware of some of your special offers and discounts, but also remember that the experience should mostly be focused on them, not you!

Customer experience is critical to word of mouth, which is the best form of advertising you can get. People are beginning to get savvy to the idea that traditionally trusted sources such as Internet testimonials might not always be what they”re cracked up to be – instead, they want direct recommendations from people they know and trust. Great customer care is the way to make sure that you”re the target of those recommendations and that foot traffic will go up.

Of course, you need to make sure that your point of sale processes are fast, efficient, and accurate, and that everyone is well-trained so that your transaction points don”t become bottlenecks!