calcYour POS terminal is an absolutely critical part of your business operation. Not only does it help determine, to a large extent, whether the process of ringing up products will be quick and easy, but it also serves as the last impression your customers will have during any given visit. A well-organized, modern POS terminal can make things faster and easier for both your customer and your employee, giving the appearance of a truly professional operation.

Naturally, it’s important that your point of sale systems be well-integrated into the long- and short-term plans you have for your business. On a day-to-day level, there are certain items that you should always equip your POS terminals with. When you follow the daily habit of ensuring your POS terminals are orderly and well-stocked, then they will contribute their part toward your strategic goal of leaving every customer with a positive assessment of your business.

Let’s look at a few vital items for your point of sale systems:


No matter how technologically advanced it may be, no point of sale system is complete without a simple pen. Without a reliable pen that writes smoothly, the system is simply not able to reach its goals. While pens do last for a long time, each one can also accommodate many customers in a given day – so make sure there is a quick and easy way to replace them when the time comes.

Receipt Paper

It is crucial to make sure your business never runs out of receipt paper. This kind of problem can bring your operations to a standstill and is much more challenging to deal with on the fly than a missing, empty, or leaky pen. When familiarizing your employees with your POS system, make sure even the newest employees completely understand the procedure for replacing receipt paper. A stock of the paper should be handy at each terminal.

Flyer or Ad for the Week

Your POS terminal is a great place to lay the foundation for the customer’s next visit. One of the ways that you can do so is by making sure they have the opportunity to enjoy bargains and discounts during their next visit. Many retail environments may see several visits per month by their most dedicated customers, so do not feel you have “missed an opportunity by offering the ads for the week as customers exit – instead, interact and build the relationship so the next visit happens as soon as possible. Coupons are a great way to help bring this about.

Motivated Employee

No matter how efficient or effective your technical systems are, or how well you make sure that they are properly stocked, it is the employee who makes the big difference in ensuring that those systems operate to the utmost. Making certain that your team members are all familiar with the various features of your terminal is only step one. Excellent customer service truly depends upon working with your employees to ensure they feel motivated, committed to your mission, and ready to do their best work each and every day.