4th of July sales are exciting for businesses all around the United States! If you operate a retail store or a restaurant, the right 4th of July sale this holiday weekend could represent one of the biggest bumps to your business until the winter holiday season. So, how to attract customers during this critical time? Remember, practically every competitor will also be planning 4th of July sales, so it’s important you get in the game with a well-formed plan! So, how can you make your 4th of July sale stand out from the rest? Try these ideas:

1) Use the Weekend After the Fourth to Your Advantage

Although everyone will have their eyes peeled for 4th of July sales, some bargain-conscious customers will prefer to wait until the holiday is over. Make sure you have an “After the Fourth” sale that complements your sale during the holiday weekend. This will help customers feel that they’re taking charge and hunting the real bargains, and your bottom line will benefit.

2) Put the Right Summer Staples on Sale

The 4th of July is the biggest barbecue date on the calendar, even bigger than Memorial Day weekend. Make sure you’re competing by putting the right items on sale: Everything your customers will need for an amazing party. Of course, don’t focus only on outdoor stuff: If you’re in tune with what your frequent customers like most, you can make some savvy selections.

3) Send Out an Email Blast

Have you been building an email list for your brand? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck! This is a great time to get in touch with your whole list and provide some great incentives to get customers through the door, whether on the holiday weekend or afterward. Of course, this is a great time to showcase all of the offers you’ll have … but there’s one more important thing…

4) Have Coupons at the Ready

Email-only coupons are one way to make sure people subscribe to your email list and stay there, but you should be ready to entice just about anyone with coupons when it comes to a holiday. Make sure that your coupons are available not only through email and your site, but through any fliers or other collateral that you send out regularly … plan your advertising blitz between a week and ten days early to be sure your sale will be “top of mind” versus all your competitors.

Want more ideas on (how to attract customers)? Signazon.com has a great post titled How to Make Your 4th of July a Star-Spangled Success. There are plenty of great tips here about using patriotic colors to make sure displays and offers stand out, developing great signs and staging you can reuse in coming years, and planning your offers to be sure your best bargains will be exactly what your customers want. Check it out for great ideas that are sure to help! Last, but not least: Holidays can be busy, so be sure you’re ready to do your best customer service!

By Katie Colburn