I’d say any time is a good time to focus on visual marketing and knock your customers’ socks off, but there are some particularly creative visual merchandising and marketing ideas that come out around the holiday season. Let’s look at some of the most amazing merchandise displays out there right now, including “holiday” and “everyday” displays.

1) This Amazing Fourth of July Display

4th of July display
Photo By: Jenny Mealing (Flickr)

Americans get excited about the Fourth of July thanks to the patriotism, barbecue, good weather, and time spent with family and friends. You probably wouldn’t think about picking up some jelly beans for your barbecue, though, unless you ran into this great display!

2) This Entire Store Decked Out For Halloween

Halloween Display

Photo By: Janice Waltzer (Flickr)

Here’s an entire store that has gone all out for Halloween. Most people would rather not encounter anything “creepy” during their shopping experience, but this fun display really encourages both kids and adults to look closer at the holiday wares.

3) This Bloomingdale’s Window Display

Photo By: Steven Damron

Some of the best visual merchandising ideas come from fashion brands in partnership with high-end retail. Here, a Bloomingdale’s tempts customers with a combined display of some of their latest products with a unique twist, live models.

4) The Project Runway Macy’s Display

Project Runway

photo by Jack Dorsey (Flickr)

This colorful display in the Macy’s window features designs from Project Runway contestants that can be purchased at the store. This is a great advertising technique that is likely to draw in customers who are fans of the show.

5) This Seasonal Shoe & Handbag Display

Shoe Display

Photo By: Daniel C. O’Neil

Understated, yet effective, the contrast between these wintery holiday trees in the background and the warmer colors and softer lines of the handbags would invite any lady to take a closer look. More pictures of this display can be found at TheBWD.com.

6) This Starry Merry Christmas Display

Mery Chrismas Display

Photo By: Richard Taylor (Flickr)

Another subtle fashion display where the poses of each mannequin contribute to the staging and framework of the scene. Subtle touches in the decor make it clear that this is a Christmas display without drawing the eye away from the merchandise on display.

7) This Enticing Louis Vuitton Display

Louis Vuitton

Photo By: David Jackmanson

I know I’ve had trouble choosing the right handbag for an evening out. Anyone who’s been in the same situation will see the charm in this Louis Vuitton display, even if the bags themselves aren’t quite your style. Notice the neat use of color here.

8) This Colorful Way to Sell Books

Book Display

Photo By: Enokson

Even though book sales are down, books lend themselves to creative display ideas. This space has been completely transformed to evoke the feelings you get when reading a good book. Again, there’s a strong use of blended color to emphasize the message.

9) This Barbie Display at Selfridges in London

Barbie Display

Photo By: Karen Roe

A unique Christmas display, the Selfridges window in London was decked out in a bright pink Barbie theme. Even those who aren’t big fans of Barbie will appreciate this colorful display.