earth dayYou may be asking what Earth Day has to do with your business, or your POS software in general. Now think about it. How many promotional emails have you received in anticipation of the annual celebration of our planet? Coupons for Earth Day, invitations to sample new products, retail stores’ urging you to bring your reusable cup for a free latte. These are all examples of how a retail holiday can be used as exactly that: a holiday to benefit your restaurant or retail store. The fact that you can maximize client loyalty through your POS software while benefiting the planet is just a bonus.

It is easy being green

At least, it’s easier to be green. Prii can be plugged into traditional outlets now. More architects take pride in their buildings being LEED-certified. This would have been unheard of years ago. So how does being green benefit small businesses? If you sell reusable bags, you not only are making a profit off of the actual bags sold, you provide an easy way for clients to recall your brand when they go to reuse said bag. They are then more likely to return to your establishment with the bag. Plus, huge retailers like Whole Foods Market offer a small but memorable ten-cent discount when clients return with their bags. This is just the latest way for small businesses to implement their POS software with client-focused promotions.

Rethinking hydration

Only several years ago, it was quite common to see nearly everyone you knew clutching a plastic bottle of water; a close friend of mine even wrote to FIJI Water requesting either that they lobby car manufacturers to include square-shaped cup holders or that they start making their bottles cylindrical like the standard water bottle. Now, while you may still see leaving their classes with a bottle of Smartwater, it is considered in poor form to promote plastic bottles of water when tap water will suffice (in some cases, i.e. New York, tap water is the cleanest water available). BPA concerns aside, most businesses would rather use their POS software to promote eco-friendly and health-friendly items now.

So how can you use your own POS software to increase client retention and benefit our planet? Don’t offer plastic at your point of sale; instead, offer fresh, organic items (if you’re a restaurant or food-based retail store) or eco-friendly, sustainable items if you’re not food-based. Offer a promotion if a client has brought his/her own bag. Finally, offer your own reusable bags. This will ensure that clients are more likely to return with their bags, all the while looking forward to their ten-cent rebate.