Thinking about how to increase employee morale and productivity? Many business owners make the mistake of failing to consider how to increase employee morale and productivity until problems start. By then, it can be very difficult to turn around a team that suffers from chronic low morale. High employee morale is correlated with a higher level of customer satisfaction, so it is an important issue to keep in mind.

cute-buying-happy-carry-customer-girl-bag-female_121-15841But wait! Is high employee morale only about compensation? No – there are plenty of ways to work on the morale of employees without having to increase your payroll budget. Some of these methods can have a profound impact, and can also help to improve the overall environment of your business. When employees are happy, they are also more alert and more engaged than they would be otherwise. This helps you achieve a great level of customer satisfaction.

How can you improve morale of employees?

Consider these approaches:

Improving Employee Morale: The Systems Perspective

First of all, remember that your employees are impacted by every aspect of the environment. You want to make sure, for example, that you have a fast and accurate point of sale system that will help them to avoid mistakes and the distress that can arise when computers “go down.” When employees are surrounded by high quality tools and systems, they can get their job done much more easily and will feel more confident, which makes them more likely to take on new challenges and succeed. Remember, nothing succeeds like success!

Improving Employee Morale: The Management Perspective

QSR Magazine Online suggests that happier, more accountable employees naturally improve customer service. Giving employees standards to live up to and using positive reinforcement to strengthen those standards, such as through employee recognition programs, will help to build a team-oriented environment in your business. Recognition and other incentives help to build trust and strengthen employees” motivation to do better.

Improving Employee Morale: The Culture Perspective

Every workplace has its own “culture,” and it can be a challenge to change the culture once it has taken root. According to the Denver Post, many successful companies have benefited from an employee-friendly workplace culture. A fun, values-based workplace community that provides rewards for high achievement, such as vacation and benefits, can create a workplace where people will feel interdependent rather than dependent, generating great new ideas.

Improving Employee Morale: The HR Perspective

People have a tendency to remember the workplaces where they enjoyed a sense of friendliness and respect. Take, for example, this reader story on Best Retail Workplace Included Employee Motivation and Customer Satisfaction. Happy employees are less likely to leave the organization, which means that their skills will be available as they train new members of the workforce and pass on the values that make your company worthwhile. Thus, you might find that you save money over time when you invest in employee well-being. Teach managers in your organization to model respect for everybody, not just other leaders. Everyone has leadership potential!

It”s becoming clearer and clearer that there”s a direct relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. That being the case, be sure that every member of your team is completely equipped, trained, and ready to do their best. Customers will pick up on the positive “vibe” brought on by confidence, pleasantness, and humane respect. Your business is bound to do better than a similar company where everyone is feeling sour and defensive!