Don’t Wait: Get Started With Mobile POS Today Mobile POS is easily one of the most important commercial innovations of the last ten years, and may someday render the traditional point of sale terminal obsolete. Of course, companies that are using mobile POS now stand to gain in efficiency and savings, but they’re also at the front of the pack when it comes to a new and relatively unknown technology. To make the transition easier for everyone, most companies are keeping their point of sale terminal operational while they start to familiarize their team with the mobile POS system and introduce mobile point of sale to select customers.

Based on the success of mobile POS system at many different retail locations and restaurants, there’s a good chance we’ll soon be seeing mobile point of sale technologies taking over for traditional arrangements at many different businesses! To reap all the benefits of mobile technology, it’s a good idea to start approaching some of your customers to “pilot” the program as soon as you can. Gradually, people will see the added convenience and catch on!

Not Everyone is Ready to Go Mobile: How Do You Begin?

But how do you decide who to approach? It’s a good idea to be judicious about who you approach first. Since this use of mobile technology is relatively new, you’re bound to encounter some uncertainty about it. Only 29% of consumers consider processing credit card payments on a mobile device to be secure, says VentureBeat. Mobile solutions are still more common at “micro-businesses” than larger ones, so you should be prepared to pitch the service just as you would with your other products. As usual, the key is reading your customers’ signals. Some ideas …

Approach Customers Who “Look Ready to Go”

There are plenty of ways to recognize when a customer is ready to get on with their day. In a restaurant, you can see customers look around for the nearest member of staff. They might decline drink refills or “clean up” the table around them by stacking their napkins and plates. This is the right time to approach and explain the mobile payment concept, being sure that they have the option of using your traditional POS if they prefer.

Intercept Customers Before They Reach the Register

Retail customers who are done shopping will make their way toward the register. While it isn’t always possible to be sure they’re done – after all, that’s what impulse buying is all about – it is always a good idea to have a roving member of staff around who can help them “at need.” When it looks like they’re finished, offer to help them check out faster. You may need to explain the mobile checkout process briefly, but each customer who tries it out is a “win” for you.

Take Advantage of an Intimate Setting

At a bar or in a smaller, more intimate restaurant setting, it is much easier to broach the subject of checkout during regular conversation with your guests. If you have the opportunity, introduce the mobile checkout process as a new initiative you are using to make your business even more convenient. If you’ve had time to “prepare” customers in this way, you’ll find that they are much more likely to use mobile, especially if a savvy staff member is there to help as needed.

Evaluate Which Customers are “Tech Savvy”

Some customers are better acquainted with mobile technology than others, and those who are already comfortable with their phones will be much more likely to be curious about your new POS services. Keep an eye on customers, including younger and more affluent visitors, to see if they consult their mobile devices during their meal or shopping. If they do, it may be a good idea to talk to them about mobile POS.

Remember, Going Mobile is Worth the Effort – But You Should Start Now

Forbes Magazine recently reported that Nordstrom saw a 15.3% increase in sales shortly after introducing mobile payment options. You have the potential to see great results too, but you should start to take advantage of the benefits as soon as you can. Once you’ve overcome the “jitters” that come with any new technology, you might find the convenience of your checkout process becomes another great, customer-centered selling point!