When purchasing Point of Sale software for your business you talk to a different Sales Person for each brand of POS software you are considering. Sales people all have different styles of presenting their Point of Sale software and chances are the different Point of Sale Software has some common qualities. What every Point of Sale Software Sales Person will promise you is that their software is the solution to your problem whatever it may be, and truly it may be.  It is critical to ask certain questions about your potential Point of Sale software solution and one of those questions is ‘Where does my responsibility lay during implementation?’

No one knows your abilities and limitations better than you so knowing what you are in for when implementing new Point of Sale software is important. For AccuPOS Point of Sale Software, it is true that an occasional customer of ours might say we suffer them a tedious process, we are customizable after all, and however, a person who considers themselves ‘lo-tech’ is able to implement AccuPOS Point of Sale software.

What am I responsible for if my Point of Sale Software integrates with my Accounting Program?

For a moment let’s consider what our setup is and let’s consider what it takes to integrate Point of Sale software with an accounting program. For the purpose of clarity and high recommendation let’s assume everyone has Merchant Services integrated into their Point of Sale software. If you purchase AccuPOS Point of Sale software to run on a computer at the front of your establishment and you run your Accounting program on the computer in your back office then we know we need these two computers to have the ability to talk to each other. This part is your responsibility. Making sure your computers are networked together and making sure that the computer with your Point of Sale software is hardwired to the internet is your responsibility.

Of course if you are running your Point of Sale software on the same computer as your Accounting program there is no need for a network. Once these two things are in place the AccuPOS Point of Sale Step-by-Step Guide and AccuPOS Point of Sale tech support will be able to help you get to your GO LIVE date.

What else am I responsible for when my Point of Sale Software integrates with Accounting and Merchant Services?

What you are also responsible for when it comes to your Point of Sale software is the most important thing of all….YOUR MONEY. This refers to two specific areas, taxes and merchant services.  Your AccuPOS Point of Sale software is incredibly intelligent but it was not developed with a GPS locator networked to your local taxing government. You have to tell your Accounting program and your Point of Sale software exactly how taxes work in your area. Sometimes that means an extra button or two but the more accurate you are during the implementation of your Point of Sale software the happier you and your money will be.

In terms of merchant services, AccuPOS Point of Sale sends you a checklist on two occasions of exactly what steps you need to take to make sure your money is showing up in the bank just as it should; our suggestion at AccuPOS Point of Sale is to follow those steps daily, the three minutes it will take you is well worth it. We at AccuPOS Point of Sale do not have access to your bank account so we cannot track what happens after your transactions are completed.

All of this being said, we are here to help with your Point of Sale software and we always will to the best of our abilities. On occasion this means recommending you speak with your network administrator or internet provider or it might mean getting your virtual terminal support to help with a merchant services issue. We always want the best for our customers so we will always try to prepare you for your Point of Sale software as best as we can.  If you have any questions or wish to inquire about AccuPOS Point of Sale please call 800-906-5010.