The federal holidays just keep on coming, which, for most, mean a day spent off of work and on shopping and eating. You”ve probably seen Presidents’ Day sales for cars, furniture, and pretty much anything else advertised during the NBA All-Star Game, when Kobe Bryant proved once again that he (LeBron James, not to be confused with the former president Lyndon Baines Johnson). So what can our POS software users, as retail store proprietors and restaurant owners, do to have a more patriotic, prosperous Presidents’ Day?

Endow your restaurant accordingly

Stock up on drinks! Most people know they want to go out and have a nice glass of wine or cocktail for their three-day weekend. Today our president unveiled ambitious plans for immigration reform and mapping the (good luck with this Congress). But why shouldn”t restaurants and other POS software users offer some more adventurous food and beverage options? Some options I”ve had recently and would recommend include a Pavlov’s Dog (Tanqueray 10 gin, Lillet, grapefruit juice, lemon syrup, and grapefruit bitters, with a grapefruit peel twist) or for a delicious dinner, David Myers’ cod with sweet potatoes and pistachios.

An additional sale at your point of sale

There’s a reason you find items like gum, gift cards, and Yoga magazine in the checkout aisle at Whole Foods. Did you intend to buy Rescue Gum as you vied for a parking spot in a real-life game of Rush Hour? Probably not, as I can attest to the fact that this gum does not adequately relieve stress as advertised (nor does it last for longer than ten minutes; yes, you will most likely have discarded it before you are able to depart from the parking lot). However, it is amazing what one will purchase while bored and waiting on line. Retail stores using POS software should know that the bread and butter of their sales (like booze for restaurants) is the checkout aisle.

Attribute it to decision fatigue or just a culture of consumption, we like to feel as if we”ve maximized our time by acquiring things, whether at work or in the supermarket. People using POS software in retail stores should include add-on items at their point of sale. Whether gift cards, chewing gum, or organic dog biscuits, people will be more inclined to purchase items they had not intended to at the point of sale. Just for the halibut.