Opening a small business can be a daunting yet highly rewarding endeavor. Whether you’ve had a business for many years, or you’re looking to start out for the first time on your own, there are several excellent business resources designed to help people get organized, get the word out about their business, and get it funded. By doing the proper research in advance, you can save a lot of time, money, and headaches while you work on establishing yourself and your company’s reputation. Gather all of your small business resources together in one place, and refer to them often for advice, insight, and organizations designed to help out those opening a small business. By utilizing the proper business resources, you will be able to succeed with more knowledge and information, and be ahead of the game.

Starting a Small Business

  • Business Resource Links – Go here for some further links on subjects like business planning, starting up, franchising, marketing, and much more.

  • Small Business Links – This page has many different helpful links to inform the new business owner and to educate those who are currently running their own small company.

  • 7 Steps to Starting a New Business – Here’s seven helpful steps that will get your business going.

  • Checklist – Use this helpful checklist to make sure you have everything covered when you start up your small business.

  • Mistakes to Avoid – Here are five mistakes to avoid when starting your own business.

How to Fund a Small Business

Other Small Business Resources

  • The Small Business Resource Center – This small business center offers advice and help for those looking to start a small business of their own.

  • SBREFA Small Business Center – This is the US Government’s site for small businesses to help them find resources to learn and understand the various regulations that apply to them.

  • NYC Small Business Resource Center – Here is a helpful website for small business owners looking to start a small business in New York City.

  • Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development – This website is an example of how one state is working with small businesses to help their local economy grow.

  • SBA Resource Links – Here are several different links that will take you to different pages of the Small Business Administration.

  • IRS Resources for Small Business Owners – This is a very good resource that will help you to discover the many ins and outs of the IRS rules and regulations that are set forth for small businesses.

  • INC – The online magazine dedicated to businesses large and small.

  • Free Small Business Advice – This site offers up advice, mentoring, and much more to help people with small busineses.