Personal and events/holidays are two of the ways to plan your shop’s stock. The third is to base your gift selection on specific people a customer could buy for.

There are certain days in the calendar that individuals are highlighted.

Date Type For whom
14-Feb Valentines day Lovers:
Boyfriends; girlfriends
Husbands; wives
06-May Nurses day Nurses *
08-May Mothers day Mothers *
19-June Fathers day Fathers *
21-Aug Senior citizens Local senior citizens
26-Aug Women’s equality day Women you know
11-Sep Grandparents day Grandparents *
25-Sep Gold star mothers day Gold star mothers *
25-Nov Presidents day It’s unlikely you’d buy a personal gift for the president, but you could have presidential memorabilia.

* Your own or other those you’re close to.

But there are many other people, on less official holidays, that are worth stocking gifts for.
Occasions may vary, but the following types of people should be constantly considered.


Type Variations
Parents Mother
Step mother
Mother in law
Step father
Father in law
Grand Parents Grandmother
Great grandmother
Great grandfather
Siblings Brother
Step brother
Half brother
Step sister
Extended Cousins

Second Cousins

Offspring Daughter

Aside from these people’s birthdays, a customer may just want to buy a gift in appreciation of them. When stocking your gift store, think out of the box. There are many lesser known occasions for a customer to spoil someone with.

Here are 22 dates to keep in mind

  • 12-Jan: Pharmacist Day
  • 15-Feb: Single Awareness Day
  • 29-Feb: Bachelor’s Day
  • 4-March: Employee Appreciation Day
  • 8-March: International Women’s Day
  • 14-March: Legal Assistants Day
  • 21-March: Single parents Day
  • 27 March: Neighbor Day
  • 12- March: Girl Scout Day
  • 30-March: Doctors Day
  • 10-April: National siblings Day
  • 10- April: Golfers Day
  • 30-April: World Veterinary Day
  • 1-May: World Bus Driver’s Day
  • 5-June: Cancer Survivor Day
  • 23-June: Public Service Day
  • 24-July: Parent’s Day
  • 31st-July: World Ranger Day
  • 1st Sunday of August: National Sisters Day
  • 01-August: Girlfriends Day
  • 15-August: Best Friends Day
  • 1st November: Authors Day