It is rare that people in pursuit of the perfect POS Software ever consider the history of Point of Sale Software.  Unless you learn its history there is a good chance that you are not clear on the purpose of Point of Sale Software.  As all other inventions do, or should do, Point of Sale Software was created to fill a need where there was a gap.  It was 1974 and a small 20 year old corporation needed to increase its front end productivity.  The Point of Sale software they commissioned helped build what is today the largest hamburger fast food chain in the world.

Look How Far Point of Sale Software has come

We are approaching four decades since the first version of any Point of Sale Software was put into use.   Point of Sale Software started running on a microprocessor and is almost unrecognizable to the fully digital Point of Sale Software we see being used today.  HOWEVER, it serves the same purpose, it fills the same gap only better and more efficiently.

Point of Sale Software Today

Today there is AccuPOS Point of Sale Software, the most customizable Point of Sale Software that has the capability to remove all human error from the front end of your business so YOU may grow YOUR business exponentially…….. whether you sell hamburgers or not.  Call AccuPOS Point of Sale at 800-906-5010 or

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