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There is so much information out there on Point-of-Sale software that it is hard to focus on what is important.  When sitting down to focus on what aspects really matter, prioritizing your individual business needs will prove to be your best guide.  However, here are some aspects to consider:

PRICE:  Everyone has a budget and everyone has a price they cannot go over, or they should, but there are things to consider when evaluating the price of Point-of-Sale software.  What is included and will I have to purchase additional peripherals?  What are the ongoing costs of the support plan?  Are payment plans available?  Will there be a Return on Investment? And most importantly consider that time is money; will this Point-of-Sale provide more work for me or will it simplify and lessen my workload.

PERFORMANCE:  Most people have some idea of what they would like their Point-of-Sale to do.  Can this Point-of-Sale perform the needed tasks?  If not, are you willing to adjust how you run your front-end?  What performance qualities separate this Point-of-Sale from all of the others?  Can this Point-of-Sale handle the volume of my business?  And most importantly, does this Point-of-Sale software integrate seamlessly with my accounting program?  That feature alone will save you money, protect your money, and count your money……we highly recommend being a stickler for this one.

PAYMENT PROCESSING:  It’s important to decide how you will be accepting payments in your business (i.e. Credit Cards, Amex, Checks, EBT, Gift Cards, Etc.).  Does this Point-of-Sale integrate with merchant services?  Does this Point-of-Sale work with gift cards?  Will you have to go elsewhere for these services or can the Point-of-Sale company assist you with getting them setup?  And most importantly, how does this Point-of-Sale track and report incoming payments?

PROACTIVITY: The times they are a changin’ and they are changing fast, technology is on the move.  Will this Point-of-Sale software be updated on a regular basis?  Is the Point-of-Sale company proactive in keeping up with the latest and greatest the industry has to offer?  Will this Point-of-Sale company be proactive in keeping up with me and my business?

It would be incredibly easy to look at Point-of-Sale and think of it as a fancy register but the truth is it can be so much more.  There are so many options out there that can help you simplify the front-end of your business.  For example, AccuPOS Point-of-Sale; it will streamline your business, it will remove human error from your front-end, and it will reconcile your accounting and get you home in time for dinner…..that is not the work of a fancy register, it is the work of a necessity.

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