There are many customer service tips that everyone knows, and if you ask me, some of them are the most important that you can put into practice. But once you’ve mastered the basics, where do you go from there? Well, that’s when it’s time to get creative! Time to get unconventional! If you want to succeed in business in the long term, you have to go above the basics. To me, that means always looking at things from a new perspective and trying to improve every day!

In that spirit, I scoured the internet and my own experience to find some of the most unconventional tips for great customer service. Of course, there are some things you just can’t improve on: So don’t mind me if this post comes in the tried-and-true format of a list! Let’s look at some of the best customer service gems that I was able to find. Naturally, if you have other ideas, I would be glad to hear them. Don’t forget you can contact me through the blog any time!

1) Personalize Everything You Can

It’s fairly easy to provide a personalized experience if your customers are visiting you online, but it gets a little bit more challenging in a face-to-face retail or dining environment. The secret here is to find out what their previous experience was like so you can make it better.

2) Reward Customers For Their Loyalty

There’s nothing that makes customers happier than walking into their favorite restaurant and being recognized by name. This isn’t the only way to reward loyalty, though: Always look for a new service or a special perk you can provide to brighten your top customers’ day.

3) Turn Every Mistake Into A Learning Experience

Mistakes will happen even in the most well-run and well-organized business. People are just that, people, and their motivations are sloppy and complicated and wonderful. When you do make a mistake, though, you have an opportunity to do even better than perfect: You can show your customer that you are taking responsibility and fixing it so things will get even better.

4) Solicit Feedback Whenever You Can

Nobody likes feeling as if their voice isn’t heard: However, most customers will not go out of their way to let you know what they think. Instead, they’ll walk out the door and tell family and friends. To break down barriers, use customer surveys and other methods to solicit feedback. Even negative feedback is valuable – in fact, it can be the most useful kind.

5) Always Be Observing

Your customer service results will only be as good as each member of your customer service team. To discover opportunities for growth, listen carefully to interactions between your team members and customers. If something isn’t going quite right, approach the situation in a proactive but non-confrontational way: Use it to better your team, not beat them up. Where do you go for more unconventional ideas? Try Six Secrets for Amazing Customer Service over at SpreeWorks to get a start. For even more expert advice, try the sages over at Salesforce, one of the world’s largest sales optimization brands: 4 Secrets to Offering Exceptional Customer Service. Pick just two to implement and you could be on your way!