Are yosmart-phone-icon_21377498u thinking about ways to integrate mobile POS into your business plan? Now is a great time to get started on mobile POS, but you might be surprised to learn many other businesses are already ahead of you when it comes to this revolutionary technology!

For those who don”t know, mobile point of sale is a method of making it faster and easier for any customer to check out with their mobile device no matter where they might be within a retail establishment. Mobile point of sale is exciting because it really represents the first step toward the electronic wallet.

There are many different iterations of this emerging technology, such as Android POS and a whole slew of others. However, no matter whether you want to use Android POS or any other version, it”s a great idea to see how you can adopt this technology soon.

After all, many other companies are already getting ahead of you!

Let”s take a look at some of the companies that are already doing mobile POS better than you:

1) Bocktown Beer and Grill

This is one example that proves that you can really do mobile technology well within the context of a restaurant of virtually any kind. At this great local watering hole and grill, you can get your tab started from anywhere in the joint. That makes it easier and faster for you to order what you need and get the service you want, cutting down on the times when you simply have to wait. Great as this sounds, any other restaurant could use the same tactics – if they have the right point of sale software for small business backing up their efforts.

2) Angel Stadium

If you have been visiting this great Anaheim, California venue lately, then you already know that change has been in the cards here for a long while. You can order and pay for pretty much any of the baseball fare that this top local stadium has to offer directly from your seat. Naturally, the software load that this kind of huge location offers will mean that they probably don”t use the same point of sale software for small business that you might use, but the basic ideas are still there and they still work well. Try the foot long hot dogs or jumbo pretzels!

3) Apple

It should probably come as no surprise that Apple is ahead of most brands in using the latest technology. After a long history of providing robust support for technologies such as Quick Response Codes and other forms of Near Field Communication, Apple has used its Apple Store retail venues to show the same kind of commitment to roaming point of sale. In many locations, this means that you can finish up your purchase from anywhere in the store.

4) Etsy

You probably know Etsy as an arts and crafts website for small sellers, but this is one example of the highly unique and innovative way point of sale can be used to make the buying experience better. In winter of 2012, Etsy briefly became a “brick and mortar” shop offering a unique, but fairly conventional buying experience powered by mobile technology. Other businesses that are too small for ordinary “brick and mortar” POS, and other enterprises that are usually thought of as online-only, are also taking the cue.

Long story short? Although there are many businesses ahead of you in the POS race, that doesn”t mean that you can”t make your buying experience faster, smoother, and much easier by looking at ways to implement mobile technology. Not only will your customers thank you, but you will probably find that some of the basic day-to-day processes that each staff member has to deal with are much easier to handle, too.