Ideally gaining control of your inventory is a goal for every business owner.  In the food industry it is imperative that your POS system is helpful in this arena, especially if you have an integrated POS system such as AccuPOS Point of Sale.  Does it make sense to allow your POS system to control your entire inventory?  In the big scope of things, the more inventory items you manage, the more resources will be required.  As a business owner you want to apply resources where there is an ROI, return on investment, so how does this apply to your inventory?
Which types of Inventory should your POS System help you track?

There are different types of inventory, some are obvious and some aren’t.  Do you track by which items are tangible?  Do you track by which items are perishable?  If you have an AccuPOS POS system, or any system for that matter, we always recommend that you track your inventory based on whether or not it is an asset.   If it is tangible it is an asset, such as bottles, bags of chips and other packaged snacks you should track it in your POS system.  This clearly is more applicable if you are a quick-service food environment that uses a POS system such as a deli or a juice bar.

POS Systems Can Track Your Perishable Assets
If you are a full-service restaurant how do you decipher what is an asset and what isn’t as most of your food is perishable?  In this environment you must consider the value of the food.  For example, lettuce is either sold or wasted in a very short period of time.   There is also a very good chance the chef is informing you of when and how much lettuce he/she needs on a daily basis; this form of communication between the kitchen and management is enough tracking of this type of inventory.  Your POS system should not need to track this as well, why double work when you don’t need to.   And to bring this back to assets, the amount of lettuce you have will never affect the value of your business.  Inexpensive perishable items should go into your cost of goods sold account right off the bat; no matter what, this is a cost you incur.

Let’s talk about a perishable item that is an asset and should be tracked, really good steak.  Each steak has a value and applying your resources to tracking steak in your POS system has a clear ROI.  Ordering too much steak is wasting significant money and not having enough is potentially losing business; ordering properly can only be done by tracking.

The AccuPOS POS system can track different types of inventory at the same time which makes it a smarter POS system.  If there is an order for steak with vegetables and potatoes, your AccuPOS POS system is able to deduct the steak from inventory assets before being sent to the cost of goods sold account and send the vegetables and potatoes directly to the cost of goods sold account.  Take advantage of the system you have; let it help you streamline your inventory and the biggest ROI possible.  If you don’t have AccuPOS, it’s time to look into it!  For Customer Relations, email, for sales email or call all of us at 800-906-5010.