When it comes to the impulsedisplay buy, checkout counters are key. And when it comes to building up the value of each visit from your customers, the impulse buy is king! Sure, there’s a lot to be said about emerging mobile payment technology, but it”s very likely that checkout counters are here to stay. There are some aspects of checkout counters that are simply too compelling to give up, especially when it comes to unique store display ideas.

A little bit earlier, we talked about the importance of mobile point of sale. Mobile POS is critical, but there are a lot of good reasons why the checkout counter is crucial for any impulse buy and won”t be going away any time soon. After all, not every customer will always have access to a mobile device and the desire to use mobile POS for every type of purchase.

The Most Common Impulse Item: Candy

From a strategic perspective, stay mindful of the value of counters for an impulsive buy. They”re especially important around the holidays when there are so many great candies and other fun items that you can pick up – kids know about impulse shopping! That”s one of the reasons you need a counter for them to do it at … with adult supervision, of course.

Adults love candy, too, but they”re a little more resistant to buying it. But notice how when the candy is located at the checkout counter, it suddenly becomes a lot easier for them to make that purchase. There are plenty of ways for a business owner and the team to make it easier, too.

Here are a few reasons why checkout counters are so important to the impulsive buy:

Store Display Ideas Depend on Them

Although there are many ways to spruce up the storefront and the shop floor, most great displays need a defined checkout space in order to cap them off. Since these are typically seen both when customers enter and when they leave, you have the opportunity to communicate the “theme” of the store and the most recent specials or promotions within a very short time. In a lot of ways, these counters are the aesthetic focal point of your marketing plans and your impulsive buy.

Long story short? Make sure that your checkout displays are attractive, timely, and eye-catching.

They”re Strategically Placed For An Impulsive Buy

One of the most important functions of any checkout space is to have a strategically defined point where you can ensure that your customers and your team members will interact. Mobile POS untethers your customers from making their purchase at a defined point, which can improve convenience and the likelihood of making certain kinds of purchases, but smaller impulse purchases are most likely when exiting the store or after being “primed” by a staff member.

Be sure to place “necessity” items at the counter so team members can draw attention to them.

They Reduce the “Friction” of the Impulsive Buy

When someone reaches the counter, they are usually focused on the total price of the purchases they have made. Everyone”s familiar with the rhythm of this kind of situation. What they”re not thinking about is the $1, $2, or even $5 more that they could add to the purchase price while standing in the checkout line. The line makes you stop when you”ve been moving around for a while and provides a distraction that makes impulsive “grab” items seem less … well, impulsive.

Snacks and other fun stuff can find a great home at checkout counter displays. Be creative!

It”s true traditional checkout setups will probably not always be necessary. There may be some types of businesses, and even certain companies within traditional markets like dining, that will find mobile POS to be a great answer to all the issues that can come with traditional checkout setups. In these cases, business might run faster, smoother, and at a lower headcount by going full mobile … but if your business depends on an impulse buy, consider keeping the counter.