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Great Southwest Equestrian Center

  • Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Houston TX - AccuPOS Point of Sale client success

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the sales and support staff for AccuPOS. The initial conversations I had with Steve K. to determine whether AccuPOS was the correct solution for my application was a breath of fresh air. Not only did Steve have the answers I needed, but he understood the importance of providing me an open ear. It was apparent from the start that Steve was more interested in finding out my needs instead of simply making another sale.

He took great time in insuring that I was comfortable with my purchase. I can tell you my past experiences with your competition did not leave me feeling the same way. Support to this point has been very helpful and patient and the system is every bit as user friendly as it was described. We are through the initial setup of the system and look forward to going live next week. On my behalf, please remind your staff what a great job they are doing in setting themselves apart from the pack!” – Scott Niemeyer, The Great Equestrian Center

Unlike last month, this month our Customer of the Month is brand new to the AccuPOS family.  We are incredibly proud of our team here at AccuPOS, Scott Niemeyer and The Great Southwest Equestrian Center are the perfect example of why.  With Quickbooks for Accounting, Mercury Payment Systems for merchant services, AccuShift for time clock management, alongside their new AccuPOS Point of Sale system, they are bound to begin a more efficient and more profitable new chapter of their frontend management system.

“Scott has done an outstanding job with AccuPOS setup by allowing our tech team to assist and provide personal solutions to his unique needs and by taking the time to really get to know his system; he sets a great example. I would hire him if I could” – Steve K., AccuPOS Senior Product Specialist

Who is The Great Southwest Equestrian Center?

The Great Southwest Equestrian Center is host to the finest horsing events in the Southwest.  Serving the greater Houston area and surrounding counties, this 80 acre multipurpose venue has recently come under new ownership and is making further improvements to footing and facilities as well as creating new strategic initiatives and operational changes (including adding AccuPOS Point of Sale).  The staff of The Great Southwest Equestrian Center are applauded for their pride and integrity in everything they do!

If you are in Houston, TX….Go say hello to Scott and the rest of the staff of the Great Southwest Equestrian Center.  For more information please go to

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