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Interactive Customer-Facing Touch Display

Our software’s customer-facing display unit is an exciting way to enhance your patrons’ shopping experience. It shows your customers their transaction details in real time exactly as they are appearing on the AccuPOS cashier screen. A ‘step up’ from traditional, single line pole displays, these units are interactive and are sure to become the focal point of your state-of-the-art AccuPOS POS system..

Adding this device to your POS software adds tremendous flexibility and convenience to every retail or counter food service environment.


Using a secure ethernet connection, the device will display all transaction line items in an easy-to-read format your customers will love. In addition, the interactive touchscreen allows them to observe amounts due, payments and change due, to select from a number of receipt options including gift and email, to enter their own email addresses, to add gratuities (if applicable) and sign for their charges using their fingertips.

More features will be added soon!


AccuPOS Customer Display units are ruggedized and designed specifically for POS customer use, including integrated credit card reader for ‘self-swipe’, a standard VESA mount and mounting holes in the base for securing it to a countertop. The card reader can be positioned at the top or the bottom, depending on your preference. A full ethernet port allows for the fastest possible connection to the AccuPOS terminal and assures minimal latency when displaying orders and card authorizations.

Price: $565

 Android Customer Display Slideshow:


More features being developed…

By offering our Customer Display Module as a service, we will continue to develop new ways to engage your customers through your displays, and you will always receive these updates at no additional charge. Current plans include streaming video advertisements and much, much more.

View our slideshow above for a closer look at our current AccuPOS Customer Display Module features, and don’t hesitate to call us at 800-906-5010 or use our Contact Form with any questions about how to make the most of this exciting AccuPOS innovation.

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