Customer Rewards – A Win-Win Situation

Customer Loyalty for POS Systems

Our customer loyalty program is a robust marketing tool that engages your customers so they keep coming back for business. These special offers are designed by you and are designed to make “one-time” patrons into “return” patrons, and help build mutual appreciation.

Loyalties are rewarded “points” your customers accumulate for buying either a set monetary amount (“Buy $10 of coffee beans and get a free cup of coffee”) or a set purchase quantity (“Buy 10 cups of coffee beans and get a free cup of coffee”).

It’s a win-win situation: your customers return to your establishment for rewards while you better your relationship with them and increase your bottom line.

You name the loyalty whatever suits it best. They can be edited or deleted at any time, and you can have as many loyalty programs as you need. Loyalty rewards are extremely flexible and can be set for:

  • Either specific items or entire item types
  • Any start / end dates
  • Any or all days of the week
  • Any start / end time
  • Based on either quantity bought, or money spent

Our exclusive accounting integration empowers you to see which days or times of day have the least sales, and which items or item types need sales improvements so you you can set you loyalty rewards accordingly.

And you’ll be able to keep track of everything on your POS system- all the customers and sales in your rewards program will be in your database.


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