gatsby2With the recent premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, most critics have chosen to focus on in addition to voicing opinions on Jay-Z’s contribution to the film’s score. The broader point for us at AccuPOS is this: what does the film’s overall message say about conspicuous (and consumer) consumption and what are the implications for your point of sale?

More is more is more

After seeing the film and reading a multitude of reviews, I was surprised to see how much the film aligned with the novel. While Luhrmann certainly applied some creative license, who doesn’t when confronted with the task of condensing a novel, albeit a slim one, into a full-length feature film? From what I remember from the book, the plotline and the overall excess illustrated illustriously in the film mirrored that of its source material. Gatsby, in an effort to impress his long-lasting love Daisy, indulges in the materialistic lifestyle he imagines Daisy desires. In other words, he’s a dream for any business with a point of sale.

Nothing succeeds like excess

A small business’ point of sale is the one chance to build customer loyalty while increasing its bottom line by upselling. Restaurants and retail stores knowingly encourage customers, whether blatantly or subtly, to order just one more drink or buy a pair of earrings to go with that necklace prior to checking out. Of course, Gatsby offered a similar message. Prohibition had been a colossal failure and, as a result, liquor was inexpensive. Therefore, long-deprived New Yorkers engaged in binge drinking because they could afford it and because they’d been without it for so long. Further, there was an unparalleled bull market and the cash was flowing in 2006-era waves (for those of us young people). The important lesson to take from Gatsby is how to maximize your point of sale.

You can do this by investing in the following:

  • Reputable POS software that works seamlessly with integrated accounting programs.
  • POS software that follows PCI compliancy laws.
  • An intuitive software, simple interface.
  • Bundled pricing to fit any business, from startup to chain store.

East Egg or West Egg, or anywhere beyond or in between, these measures will keep the drinks flowing and your customers outfitted in the best apparel they can find.