The tech and business worlds have collided and are equally abuzz with the news of Yahoo!’s impending (and eyebrow-raising) purchase of the social media site Tumblr. calculate-your-social-media-ROITherefore, it’s only natural that many small to mid-sized businesses are asking themselves how they can better utilize social media for their businesses. As we at AccuPOS ask ourselves the same question, the equation ultimately came down to this: if we combine the best QuickBooks POS system and a social media component, what might result from it?

Social butterfly, superior accounting

The fact is that if you say “accounting program,” the word that is most likely to come to mind is QuickBooks.” Throw in a QuickBooks POS system and you have accounting integration that minimizes human errors with the bonus of superior intuitive hardware and software tailored to a specified business. But, as Don Draper might ask, what makes the product? In other words, what grabs a customer? It’s very difficult to make accounting programs (or POS systems, for that matter) attractive. The missing link is just that: a social link. Until now, social media has been virtually absent from the drier sides of business.

The world is flat

Yahoo!, when it began, was primarily a news site. Not only that, it was and continues to be one of the most highly trafficked websites around. Nevertheless, with the groundbreaking installation of Google alum Marissa Mayer as CEO, her subsequent banning of employees’ working from home, and the record purchase of Tumblr, it remains to be seen whether or not Yahoo! can turn a profit. Old school Wall Street pros still cast a weary glance at the Facebook IPO, which has yet to prove itself a year later. One can argue that integrating a social media aspect into, say, the best QuickBooks POS system around is a different story. After all, a POS system is a tangible product and QuickBooks is an accounting program, both of which have proven themselves profitable in the past. What does seem to be missing is customer interaction.

So what will the ultimate outcome be when you add QuickBooks POS and social media?

  • QuickBooks and a POS system working in tandem, while business owners can use social media to discuss benefits and suggestions.
  • All information gleaned combined to provide the best product possible.
  • An effortless process that allows you to utilize the screen of the QuickBooks POS system during customer checkout.